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Music. It’s a necessary part of my every day life. Be it on my commute to and from the office, to unwind on the weekend while I clean the house, or to give me that essential energy I need at the gym. We all love it and we all need it in some way, shape or form in our lives. As many of you will know and most likely have seen on my various social media accounts, my choice for headphones is and has always been the products offered by Jabra. Their quality, attention to detail and overall aesthetics fit my lifestyle perfectly. I am honoured to be the first person in Canada to have received a brand new pair of the  Jabra Revo Shades of Grey Headphones. Let me tell you why if you’re in the market for a pair of headphones, these are the pair for you!

The option is simple as far as I am concerned. Partnered with Dolby ®, the sound produced is enhanced to the next level with Dolby Digital Plus technology. The sound itself truly does block out the rest of the world when you need that escape or moment of concentration. By far, of all the headphones I have purchased in my life, the quality tops them all and I am in my own personal music world when I slide them on.


The design aesthetic is actually ground breaking. The design is meant to be put the test and used day in, day out. Made of aluminum and steel with a shatterproof flexible headband, you can literally throw them around without worry of damaging them in your purse or gym bag. Not to mention the padded ear pieces are comfortable and cushion your ear as opposed to pushing against them uncomfortably like other brands do.

Alongside the exclusive Jabra Sound App for your smart phone, you become the master of your music. Create playlists, share music and adjust the equalizer to the perfect setting for your taste. Customizable and creative, these headphones truly are the best in my opinion.


And though you may see me around the city looking like that crazy person who talks to himself, I am in fact using the built in microphone for my necessary phone calls. The ease and clarity of this technology eliminate the need to turn off my headphones and take out my phone to make those daily calls. An absolute must for someone who is always on the phone like me or just feeling like a chat with a good friend.

So where can you purchase them? Available at your local Apple Retail Store or online at, they retail for $199.00. In comparison to similar products on the market, not only are getting twice the quality but you end up paying half the price. I have said it before, and I will say it again, but when it comes to your music it is better to buy an investment piece like Jabra and never have to worry about them rather then buy lower end, poorly constructed products several times a year.

So, if you’re in the market for the latest & greatest in the music personal devices market, why not make the right choice and #SetSoundFree with @Jabra_US & @DoTheDaniel.

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