Food & Wine | Valrhona Chocolate isn’t just “chocolate” anymore

After the Easter weekend, the last thing anybody wants to talk about is Chocolate of any kind. I had to let my body detox from the consumption of all things bunny related before I could sit down and really talk to you all about Valrhona.  This is a whole new level of chocolate confection and I recently had the chance to try some of their best. This isn’t your run of the mill chocolate ladies and gentlemen and I can guarantee you that this is something you are going to have to experience for yourself to believe.

When I started to do my research into this company, I have to say I was half expecting to find just another generic conglomerate trying to pander to me with beautiful packaging and fancy names. I was in for quite the surprise…

“Valrhona’s quest for excellence has become one of its essential performance criteria for its strategic objective: to be the Grand Chocolat reference for professionals, connoisseurs and chocolate lovers throughout the world.”

This isn’t just “chocolate” anymore, but rather an art form in which countless members of the Valrhona team masterfully craft the best the world has to offer. Not to mention the fact that they are probably some of the best chocolates I have ever tasted in my life.

The three bars I was able to taste and test alongside an extensive tasting process similar in style to wine tasting are as follows:

9751_1_3041. Noir Araguani

This Grand Cru Venezuelan is 72% of pure delicious. I am the biggest fan of dark chocolate for its almost bitter taste and contrast to most food and wine pairings. With dominant flavours of butter and dark fruits on the finish, this is meant to be enjoyed piece by piece with the one you love over a romantic night in. I am reminded of romance and sensuality when enjoying The Noir Araguani. That is honestly the best way to describe it.



2. Lait Bahibe10007_1_304

This Grand Cry Dominican Republic bar puts other milk chocolate to shame. At 46%, this balance of milk and cocoa helps to represent the earthiness of Dominican chocolate while balancing it out with the sweetness needed to devour every piece. I love the following description, “with a high cocoa contest, Bahibe is a milk chocolate hovering on the edge of darkness.” A perfect description for my choice of a crowd pleaser. Chocolate lovers unite over milk chocolate, and this will take each and every one of them to the next level. Trust me.

9684_1_3043. Blond Dulcey

This is by far one of the most interesting chocolates I have ever tasted. At 32%, this is the only blond chocolate produced in the world. Yes. You read that right. This exclusive product offers something you have NEVER tried before and is by my my shinning Valrhona star. Toasty and buttery, the aesthetics remind you of white chocolate but so much more awaits that first bite. Salty and sweet with all the right flavours, this is a sumptuous experience that is beyond words.



Care to experience chocolate tasting in a way you have never thought possible? Join along in The Art of Tasting like I did with your choices of Valrhona chocolate. You won’t look at the cheap Easter chocolate the same way every again!

I love the fact that the French roots of the company come through in the elegant aesthetics of each product, as well as in their description. It truly is a step into another world when you sit down to taste chocolate of this calibre. I can close my eyes and be taken back to Paris in the city of love with one of the most romantic treats one can enjoy.

The next time you’re in the mood for chocolate, I encourage you to come along for a journey with Valrhona and I. And if you just can’t wait to head to your local store to find them, you can always order all these treats and more online here for ease and convenience.

Make sure to tweet @Valrhona_CA & @Valrhona to tell them which YOU choose to be the best chocolate in their repertoire. I can’t wait for you to see what I have seen and taste what I have tasted.

Photos: Valrhona


Daniel Desforges