Sharing Inspiration with My Niece

International Women’s Day is something that really inspires me. Though I cannot know what it’s like to be a woman in this world, especially with everything happening right now, I am inspired by the women in my life who have shaped me. My mother has the most consistent woman in my life and has helped me learn that life isn’t always fair, but that I can persevere no matter what comes my way. Catherine has helped to keep me kind in the face of situations that could have made me an angry and bitter person. She is as close to a sibling as she can be and knows me more than anyone else, and I could never express how much she inspires me to be better everyday. The powerful women of Do The Daniel show me the strength they each offer in this big beautiful world and their ability to navigate their respective lives while bringing their voice to our brand bring a tear to my eye. Let’s of course not forget my niece Rebecca. At three years old, she represents the future and all the possibilities it holds for women around the world. 

When I found out that Barbie was releasing the Barbie® Inspiring Women™ series, to help inspire women around the world, I immediately knew that I had to get them for Rebecca. Barbie has been an iconic brand that I remember from my youth (yes I played with Barbie and I love that my parents let me do it. The 80’s were not like today and that speaks to how supportive my parents were) and the new evolution of Barbie and the brand bring joy to my heart. 

From Frida Kahlo to Ibtihaj Muhammad, these dolls show the world that we need #MoreRoleModels. So yes, I’ve already pre-ordered the Barbie® Inspiring Women™ Gift Set for Rebecca – and I’ve ordered a second set for myself – because I believe that the more positivity we can generate during Women’s History Month, the better.

To join on the social media conversation and buzz around this incredible idea, make sure to follow @Barbie on Twitter & Instagram. Share your thoughts and inspiring stories using the #MoreRoleModels hashtag and remember that although March is a month to celebrate women on a global scale, they deserve our praise, admiration and appreciation every single day. Ladies, you make this world more beautiful – and for that I thank you. 

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Photos:  Barbie® & Daniel Reyes


Daniel Reyes

Mobile photos have been taken with my Huawei P10 Plus