5 Toronto Workouts You Have to Try

It’s March 12th and I am sitting at the office looking at my to do list. It’s a regular feeling for me, being so excited about everything we have on the go. So many trips coming up for a lot of the team. So much content we are building. Just so much of everything coming our way from all directions. I am the kind of person who loves to be busy, but I also allow my personal life to suffer when I do get busy. I can sometimes forget to eat altogether when I get into work mode. I completely abandon my workouts and any idea of taking time for myself. And you know what? It can be a recipe for burnout. So in an attempt to kick start my “me time” regiment, I created a list of five workouts around Toronto that I love that I will be making the time for.

Burnout is a very real thing. Especially for those of you out there, who like me, work for themselves or freelance. But it’s not just limited the entrepreneurs of the world. I know so many parents who are so busy with work and family, that they feel guilty taking time for themselves. These workouts, of which I have tried them all, are something that you can work into your busy life that will help you find a bit of balance. Be it away from the office, or away from the kids for an hour, physical fitness and mental well being are so important. When I take the time, even if it’s just an hour here and there throughout the week, I feel rejuvenated. I feel as though I gave myself the time I needed for me. And the fitness side of things helps me to feel better about myself mentally and emotionally at the same time. So where am I workout out in 2018? 

1. Whole Life Balance

From EMS Muscle Training to Yoga, and so much more, Whole Life Balance Toronto is one of those spaces in the city that immediately relaxes me when I walk through the doors. I can take the King Streetcar and arrive knowing that the time I spend there will help recharge my proverbial battery. 


Spinning has taken Toronto by storm, and my favourite spot to get my sweat on is SPINCO. With so many convenient locations in the city (and across the country btw!) I can book myself a class to work through the day-to-day frustrations. I need to make it a more regular addition to my schedule, but one day at a time as a #teamSPINCO member and bring you along with me on socials. 

3. Barre3

With a new Leslieville location that just opened, Barre3 is quickly becoming a favourite way to workout for both myself and the team. The concept is incredibly welcoming to fitness enthusiasts of all experience levels, and can provide you with the gateway to find yourself in a very approachable way. I felt like a ballerina the first time I tried the class and loved the way my body felt both engaged and stretched out after a stressful day at the office. 

4. Studio Lagree

If you’re looking for a fantastic sweat session, this is the place to get it. Using a reformer for the first time, I learned to push myself to new levels physically and couldn’t be happier with how I feel when I leave a 50 minute session. This is an intense mix of cardio, core training and strength! 

5. Barry’s Bootcamp

This is the one workout I have yet to try of the five I have chosen, but something I would love to do as soon as possible. I’m not normally a big fan of circuit workouts, only because in the past I have felt lesser than. Barry’s is helping to change the way I see this workout style and I am excited to try it for myself – stay tuned to hear my thoughts! 

I also want to acknowledge that physical fitness is one way to help with my battle against burnout, but it is not the only way I deal with anxiety and stress in my life. Alongside smarter choices with my food, and leading a healthy lifestyle, I am taking back my me time one day at a time. It is important to remember to consult a mental health professional and that you acknowledge when you need help. 

We’d love to know where you work through some of the stress of your day-to-day. Let us know by tagging @DoTheDaniel on social media – we can’t wait to hear where you workout in Toronto! 

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