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It should come as no surprise that I am someone who jumps head first into everything I do. Whether it’s a new fitness ideal, a new business venture, or what I do to unwind after a long day. For the most part it can be said that food & drink used to cut it when it came to unwinding and disconnecting from the day-to-day stresses. But there’s a new binge that I can’t stop enjoying, and it’s time I talk about it. 

Working with Audible Canada was a lot of fun. Introducing myself to a new way to explore the literary world. Since that happened, I still regularly listen to books and download books to listen to at the office while I work away. I’ve become a loyal customer and fan because it just makes sense for someone like me who is always on the go! 

You’ll remember that we got hooked on Audible last year. So much so, that after incessantly talking about it with the team, Lesli got hooked as well and shared her list of 2018 must downloads on the Audible Canada App – click here to see what she recommended. Well today marks the launch of another exciting binge worthy moment from Audible and we wanted to be one of the first to tell you about it! 

“The series, from former NPR producers and investigative journos, examines the chilling murder of French film producer, Sophie du Plantier, who was mysteriously killed at her vacation home in West Cork, Ireland just a few days before Christmas in 1996. Sophie made plans to visit her vacation home alone, on whim, where her body was discovered at the foot of her driveway in a crime so gruesome and mysterious it captured the attention of the entire country.”

If you’re like me, and enjoy a heroing story that grips your attention and allows you to invest in something exciting, this is the series for you. Binge-worthy is the perfect way to describe West Cork (click here to download it today!) – which is terrifyingly based on a true story. Similar to other stories that we’ve become obsessed with following along with on TV and online, we are left hoping to solve the mystery for ourselves – which goes to show you how enticing this truly is to listen to. “The series takes an intimate look at Ian’s life and the inner workings of his mind through additional interviews with friends, family and colleagues, leaving the listener questioning. “Who is Ian Bailey really, and what actually brought him to West Cork?””

From listening on the way to work, or turning off after a busy day in the tub with a glass of wine, this is a must for those of you looking for a fantastic story that will leave you guessing your own instincts and assumptions. 

From great “First Listens” to “Giller Prize Winners” and everything in between, Audible allows Canadians to connect with the world of literature in a whole new way that I never knew was possible. I get excited for another chapter and the opportunity to disconnect when commuting or writing a blog post and it is all thanks to Audible.

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Daniel Reyes

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