Near & Far Projects Produce Art Party In a Loop

Growing up, expression and creativity was a big part of my life (and it still is). This was mainly represented through dance for me, participating in a variety of forms competitively. My favourite form was definitely contemporary. I love that it’s not all about the jumps and the turns, it’s simply the movement and the feeling coinciding with the music. As I’m a big fan of contemporary, it’s why I just had to attend “In a Loop” presented by Near & Far Projects.

Near & Far Projects is a multidisciplinary company that represents partners Tavia Christina and Rachel Facchini as artists. To both directors, it’s a space where they take risks with no limitations, and try new things. They use the platform to express themselves creatively and have watched it grow over the past 2 years, and “In a Loop” was a way of showcasing this while also celebrating the director’s birthdays.

“It’s amazing to see how much success we’ve had just in one year. It’s ever changing and evolving, so I am very pleased to see what the future holds for us,” said Christina.

Not only did the event feature a live contemporary improv feature, but it also incorporated a variety of pieces from other artists who are just as passionate as themselves. This included paintings, photography, and a few different video installations that simultaneously played throughout the evening.

“We had four fantastic women; Marta Golova, Emma Robinson, Francesca Chudnoff and Sierra Bis. We were so lucky to have these young and talented artists apart of this event,” said Christina.

Although dance has always been my favourite form of art, I’ve always felt that no form of art can really outweigh another. Ultimately, it’s all about expression, and I think one of the most beautiful things about art is the variety in which it can be expressed – within each form of it.

With that being said, this is why I really admired this event. Although the company’s content is mainly dance related, it celebrated all forms of art in general. It was a reminder that although there are so many different types of art forms, and it can still all be in one place and seem so right, without limits.

Every artist was truly so unique and different from one another, which gave the event even more diversity. The company has many ideas currently under work and both directors will be doing residencies throughout the Summer, while showcasing their work in September and October.

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From Toronto with Love,

Gemma Mastroianni

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Photos by Near & Far Projects & Gemma Mastroianni