No, It’s Not a Dirty Word

For those of you who follow us, you’ll have seen that a few month ago Catherine & I visited North Medical Spa to experience some of their incredible treatments first hand. While Catherine will bring you more BTS about her HydraFacial and why she can’t stop talking about it, I wanted to go in a different direction with this post.

Many friends will already know, but I opted to get botox for the first time ever. Before you start jumping to conclusions (like I know I used to when I heard that word) I wanted to take a minute to dispel some myths about this hot button topic, and to tell you why I will continue with treatments now that I have had a first hand experience supported by medical professionals and fact.

As a 34 year old man, I have to admit that the stress of life can sometimes take their toll at me. Though the “glamorous” side of this all is what you see online via our social media, there are also endless hours staring at a computer screen. Meetings, financials, legalities, late nights and early mornings. Not to mention try to balance the responsibilities of my personal life. And yes, I have some incredible beauty products, but sometimes I wished I could look just a little more refreshed. So when I was presented with the opportunity to have a BOTOX™ / XEOMIN™ treatment, I have to admit I was curious, albeit apprehensive.

Prior to my complimentary consultation – something I encourage you all to do – I had my preconceptions about what this would do to my face. I didn’t want to “look plastic.” I didn’t want to look forever surprised. I wanted to be able to express emotions. All of these thoughts ran through my head, and now that I look back, I think these are all preconceptions that many of us have. But why is that?

I think for a long time the word BOTOX had a dirty connotation associated with it. Quick fix injections meant to hide who you were, administered by people who we probably shouldn’t have been trusting to inject us for a “good price.” This is where North Medical Spa comes into the equation in my mind. Immediately upon walking in the doors, I felt relaxed. Unlike other options in the city of Toronto, North Medical doesn’t have that “clinical” feeling. It’s warm and inviting. The lobby is full of greenery and the staff are some of the nicest and most understanding people I have ever met. No question is too silly to ask, and you are encouraged to be as honest as you can. I knew I had a lot of them, and I wasn’t made to feel silly for asking before undergoing the treatment. In fact, the consultation actually helped me to understand the needs of my skin more than I ever have.

Once I had filled out my forms, I met with Amanda and we preceded to analyze my skin and it’s needs. Using cutting edge technology, I was able to see that all those years I hadn’t used sunscreen had really started to take their toll on my skin’s health. I agreed to the terms of a BOTOX treatment, and off I went to meet with the registered nurse.

Yes, the treatments are administered by medical professionals.

Again, another bonus in my mind. Why would I trust just anyone to inject my face?!

Some people get squeamish at the idea of needles, so I’ll explain what happened next instead of showing you too much. After speaking with my nurse, I then also spoke with a doctor about what my goals were. I have a pretty significant worry line on my forehead that I wanted to try and alleviate. After they spoke to one another, they agreed on the correct injection areas and off I went.

The whole process of injection was quick and I was asked to not vigorously workout, wash or scratch the area for 24 hour. The funny thing is that again, since it was my first time, I thought the results would be immediate. The normal amount of time before the BOTOX starts to work is actually much longer!

“You may begin to notice changes within 24 to 48 hours, and you will typically see results about 10-14 days following treatment. Everyone is different, but most clients see and feel their results for about 4 months following treatment.”

Again, something new I learned in the process. Once the treatment was complete, I had a follow up consultation to ensure I was happy with the results, and I have booked my next appointment already. The average amount of time the results last substantially longer than I thought* as well, which is great because within a week I already started to have people tell me how refreshed I looked. That’s all I wanted. A way to feel a bit better about how I looked.

*Results are typical but not guaranteed. Individual results may vary.

Though I believe it is important to try and experience treatments with the right mindset, I think the best part of this experience is that Amanda and her team won’t take you to a place you shouldn’t go. As a practisioner, she is there to help you feel your best. But medical treatments of any kind should be taken seriously. And should you have an underlying idea of what you are “supposed” to look like, the team at North Medical Spa is there to course correct and help you to a happier you.

For those of you in Toronto, or visiting the city, I encourage you to give North Medical Spa a chance to show you that the world of fillers and BOTOX™ / XEOMIN™ has come a long way. We now live in a world where experts like Amanda and her team can help you feel better. If you’re not in the area, you could try another medical spa near you. For example, Studio City medspa Smooth Skin Lounge offers coolsculpting and botox wrinkle treatments, and a friend of mine has been there for their treatments. And yes, many of you will now go check out our Instagram account to see if you can notice that I’ve had BOTOX. That’s okay – the best part is you probably feel more at ease when you see how happy I look over the last few months. So, click here to check out their website and book your complimentary consultation – because #YouLookGood and deserve only the best.

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