Not Your Average Festival

I love words that are so descriptive and visual that they immediately stimulate all your senses, like: “Devour” verb [dih-vou-uhr]: to swallow or eat up hungrily, voraciously or ravenously. Definitely one of my favourite words, cause I try and live life with a passion for all experiences.

If you love food (yes please) and wine (double yes please) and cinema (hell yes), then you are more than likely already familiar with Devour! The Food Film Fest. Originating in Wolfville, Nova Scotia in 2009 and founded by Slow Food Nova Scotia, this Canadian event has successfully grown into the world’s largest food film festival. Where else can you voraciously consume gourmet delights, drink world class wines and watch food and wine films from across the globe? Sign me up!

The five day festival will be held this year from October 24-28 in Wolfville. Known as the “signature event”, thousands of “Devourers!” will flock to this town outside of Halifax to experience the notable chefs, celebrities and winemakers (click here to stay up to date in the coming months on this year’s lineup). Past star studded guests have included Jason Priestley, THE Anthony Bourdain (ok, this festival is the real thing), Jacques Pepin (internationally recognized and award-winning French chef), star winemaker Pascal Marchand and the iconic Gordon Pinsent, amongst many, many more.

For 2018, Executive Director Michael Howell has announced the explosion of Devour! The Food Film Fest across the globe with 14 year-round satellite events from Jasper to Sonoma Valley (mmm good wines) to Long Beach to Abaco, Bahamas. Imagine going to actor Bill Pullman’s Los Angeles home for a Devour! Event on March 28 (what do I wear?) or to Devour! Osoyoos at the Watermark Beach Resort in the Okanagan Valley in B.C. from June 14-17, during cherry season (cherries flambé anyone?) or to George Brown’s Chef’s house for A Taste of Devour! Toronto on August 29th (I’ll just jump on the 504 streetcar)! So many amazing, delicious events, how do I choose? I’m hoping to catch CBC Host Ali Hassan at Devour! Fox Harb’r in Wallace, Nova Scotia from May 18-20 for a comedy-themed weekend cause I love to laugh as much as I love to eat!

Of course this Canadian phenomenon is drawing the best national and international chefs, winemakers and filmmakers, but also the world’s most passionate adventurers. Counting myself among them, I taste, drink and take in life visually with a sense of anticipation and excitement. If you can relate, then Devour! is right up your experience alley. Exciting events like a cinematic dine-around brunch with a 15-part dessert (I’m swooning), a food truck rally or wine tasting tours have been part of previous festivals and may await you.

Now, how to choose? Most food enthusiasts will attend an event that is more geographically accessible. But with 14 events to choose from in 2018 (undoubtedly to continue expanding year after year) there will be a Devour! event convenient and affordable for everyone. The serious “Devourers!” like me, however, will find a way to ravenously experience as many of those 14 food, wine and film encounters as possible, with as many celebrity sightings as I can fit in my photo album.

So, are you ravenous for new experiences? Are you a visual, adventurous and passionate consumer of life like me? Then join me at Devour! The Food Film Fest for a life-changing, out-of-body experience that will treat all of your senses to a festival unlike any other.  Those who hate amazing food or don’t love a great wine or appreciate these two life essentials in film, can stay home and eat food out of a box or can, while watching international-quality chefs like Canada’s own Michael Smith create culinary masterpieces for other gastronomes (like me) on the Food Network.  “Devourers!”, I’ll see you there! 

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In health,
Catherine Sugrue, CNP
Holistic Nutritionist 

Photos by Devour! The Food and Film Fest