There’s A Reason Why I Love Quetzal Already

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I must have been Mexican in a past life. From sitting on the beaches of the resort towns with my husband, to almost surreal spiritual moments exploring the temples of this iconic country, there is something tangibly beautiful about all things Mexican for me. Did I also mention that I am almost always going to order Mexican and Latino food if I get to pick what we are eating? So when I found out about the opening of Quetzal in Toronto – opening their doors to the public on August 8th, I knew immediately that I had to make reservations. 

Last year we were lucky to travel to Mexico twice to immerse ourselves in the food, customs and beauty of the landscape. And so when I hear about a new restaurant opening in Toronto that looks to embody the things which stole my heart during my travels, I get excited. There is nothing more amazing to me than the thought of sitting down to a meal with my husband at a restaurant named after the national bird of Guatemala – #Feels. 

So what is different about Quetzal you ask? Their passion – something I have always loved Latinos for if I’m being honest – to remain authentic to their craft. Take a look at the video below which showcases the journey that has led both them, and us the food lovers of Toronto, to August 8th and this highly anticipated collaboration of food powerhouses Kate Chomyshyn, Julio Guajardo, Owen Walker and Grant van Gameren.

“Quetzal is one of few restaurants in North America to use indoor wood fire to this scale. It’s divided into several fiery zones, with custom made grills for roasting and grilling meats, vegetables and fish, ending in a traditional comal to cook fresh tortillas and toast chilies and seeds. The fire will be the principal means of cooking in the restaurant, while the ceviche bar, featuring sustainable Canadian fish and seafood, offers an array of raw dishes inspired by traditional ceviches from Mexico. A 10-seat chef’s table directly in front of the open flames allows guests to partake in the spectacle of cooking with fire.”


Also, can we take a minute to appreciate the chef? I have a type I guess. 

“It’s impossible to showcase the entirety of Mexican culinary culture in just one restaurant, but we can’t wait to share some of our favourite techniques, ingredients and flavours,” added Chef Julio Guajardo. “We also feel it’s important to do our part to help preserve and pass along the traditions of Mexican cuisine to our guests and continue to tell the story of Mexico, beyond tacos and margaritas.” I could not be more excited for this new addition to the Toronto food scene. While I work towards the scenario mentioned above, I know you can catch Catherine & I, along with our friends and family, enjoying everything Quetzal has to offer when the doors open in less than a week! 

Quetzal, the exciting collaboration will open Wednesday Aug. 8 at 419 College St. W. We will absolutely see you there! 

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