One Of The Best Decisions I’ve Made All Year

I love living in Toronto.

It is a city that feeds my need for excitement. It’s where I met the man of my dreams. It’s the city that I built and now run a successful business. But there is one thing about the city that has always bothered me… finding someone I can trust with my hair. Now, that is not a statement to say there aren’t talented stylists in the city. The problem is that there are SO many, and it is difficult to know where to turn to. As someone who has had a LOT of hairstyles (yes, I am sharing photographic evidence in this post) I need to know my stylist is someone I can trust with the cut and colour. Especially with the fact that I am currently a blonde with naturally dry and curly brown hair, if you mess up my hair – it shows. Thankfully all of my woes are now over and I have found the best spot in the city, with one of the best stylists I have met in a very long time. So let’s talk about RADFORD and why they are our choice amongst a sea of choices. 

It should be noted that this isn’t the first time we have been to RADFORD and we know their team really well. Our then stylist, now living in British Columbia, introduced us to an experience that made the studio feel like home. When we lost him to another province, it was back to the drawing board for Catherine and I. After realizing that since our last visit, the studio had moved into their new location at Yorkville Village, it was even more of a reason for us to call it our destination of choice for all types of beauty treatments. You can click here to read more about what they have to offer – because I know you all want to see the hairstyles I have rocked over the years. 

I should mention that I consider my hair a way to express myself. Maybe I never outgrew that idea from my teenage years, but it’s my favourite way to feel better about myself. Plus it’s nice to know that when I go to RADFORD to see Danielle (our stylist – who just so happens to also be from Ottawa like Catherine. Small world!) I can take a few hours away from my crazy schedule to relax. 



























I think one of my favourite parts about the team at RADFORD – and to my hairstylist friends and those of you who work in the industry, please forgive the following statement (but it’s true) – is that they are the furthest thing from pretentious. Toronto has a lot of amazing stylists that work all over the city, but with that (and sometimes the recognition that comes with their skills) comes some pretty big egos. I don’t want to feel like I’m bothering you when I come to pay you for your services. Nor do I need to feel like I am beneath you. I want to know that I can sit in a chair, talk, sip on some coffee and relax in doing something that makes me feel better inside and out. 

Yes, I promised you photographic evidence of my hair over the years. Here are just a few of the styles (and colours) I have rocked and loved. 

I am smiling a lot more lately in case you haven’t noticed. I have had a lot to deal with, and I am working on myself a lot with my therapist. I am more sure of myself and the things I want in my life, and I am a huge lover of things that are good for me. I am trying to be more positive. I am working on being the best man I can for myself and for those I love. And some of you may not understand, but feeling good about how my hair looks makes me feel better because it increases my self confidence. 

My latest choice in colour and a NEW cut is because of a talented team of people who genuinely love what they do. It’s a journey that we are all on together and I love how happy I am now because of a simple change a bit of self-care at our official salon partner in Toronto. 



This morning it was Daniel’s turn to trust @radfordstudio and @danielleboulet_hair to transform his look. As our official salon in Toronto, they always know how to make our #DTDteam look & feel their very best ? What do you think of the new cut? We’d love to know! ☀? #PrettyRad #DoTheDaniel #Sponsored – — – — #BlondeHair #Blond #Wednesday #WednesdayWisdom #RADFORD #Hair #MensFashion #YorkvilleVillage #Smile #Hair

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So maybe to you that is the longest love letter ever to a stylist and a salon, but to me it’s an homage to the path that has led me to where I am today. I feel amazing. Catherine is happy. We are both working tirelessly but we feel good. And at the end of the day, doing something good for ourselves like getting our hair done by a professional team consistently is going to make the world of difference. I encourage you to check out the RADFORD website today – and set up a consultation. If nothing else, and you don’t like it, at least you got to see where we become the brightest versions of ourselves. 

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