What You Need To Know Now That PURESSENTIEL is in Canada

When I received the invite to a media preview for PURESSENTIEL, I’m going to be honest, I had to google what the company was. I guess being that this is their first foreray into Canada, that would make sense. But now that I know who they are and what they do, I am beginning to wonder what life without them was like.

In hopes of inspiring you as well, I decided to share five gifts I am asking for that may surprise you just in time for the holidays!

So firstly, let’s give a quick 101 on who PURESSENTIEL is. You can of course learn the whole story by clicking here, but a brief summary would tell you that

“Puressentiel Laboratories were founded in 2005, arising from Isabelle and Marco Pacchioni’s passion for aromatherapy and natural active ingredients, taking the market by storm by democratising aromatherapy with the first “ready-to-use” products. A line of safe, effective and user-friendly products.

They are both early adopters of aromatherapy’s effectiveness in treating everyday health and are supported in this adventure by their son Rocco, and Florence, Marco’s sister. Puressentiel, a family and independent laboratory, is above all a human adventure. The Puressentiel range is essential to your health and brings you the Efficacy of Nature.”

But what does that mean?

What I quickly realized is that I personally do rely on ready to use products that contain a LOT of stuff that probably isn’t good for me and my family. PURESSENTIEL‘s line of products, made entirely of natural ingredients, can offer the same solution to our everyday needs without the harmful effects. And I am 100% in love with the brand now.


So what are the five must have items I can’t wait to pick up?






But what is so surprising? They are all based with essentiel oils and contain no harmful chemicals. Instead of air purifying brands that use harmful chemicals which aren’t great for us to have around, they do the same amount of work without the harm. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!

Now that the brand is here in Canada, I encourage you to check them out for yourself. Click here to find a local store and make sure to join in on the social media conversation.

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