Let’s Talk Plant Based

While 2020 certainly hasn’t had a quiet start both for me personally and around the world, I find myself sitting down to organize my biggest year yet here at Do The Daniel. From partnerships to travel more with Julio before we embark down the path to having children, to thinking more eco-consciously, it’s important for me to use my platform to share messages of positivity and change.

Having recently attended an event with Yves Veggie Cuisine, I think it’s important for me to share some of the knowledge I was able to take away from the event and the experience. Not in preachy “I’m vegan and you should be too” because no one needs me shoving my ideas down their throat – but more so because I was inspired by a brand that has been changing the world for thirty five years.

Now I’ll be honest – the draw of meeting Olympic Gold medalist Tessa Virtue and learning a new plant-based with Abbey Sharp were the first reason I attended. But as I settled in to the class at Dish Cooking Studio, I got to thinking about how I had personally fallen off the meatless Monday trend with Julio.

This of course is one of those hot topics that everyone and their dog has opinions on. From the fact that I still chose to eat meat but buy it from locals farms instead of the carbon footprint and socio-economic effects of buying big brand vegan or vegetarian products — to the fact that “healthier” options can be full of really bad chemicals, I think the topic as a whole needs some more information and thought.

So while I’m not here to pass judgement or preach, I am here to tell you about how delicious it was to learn about the wide range that Yves Veggie Cuisine has in the Canadian grocery market as plant based alternatives.

In case you were wondering what we cooked, it was the delicious Korean Vegan Buddha Bowl that Abbey Sharp created for us all. And it was soooooo yummy! You can of course click here to get the recipe and try it for yourself when you pick up some of your favourite products from #YvesVeggieCuisine.


Swapping in Yves Veggie Cuisine for ground meat is as easy as this recipe or pasta sauces with the kids. I am always of the mindset that you don’t need to fool your kids – but that being said, I’m also not a parent yet. What I do believe in is getting the kids involved in the kitchen early so that they understand what they are eating and where it comes from.

Knowledge is power and thanks to Yves Veggie Cuisine and the team behind this recent event I feel more knowledgeable than ever.

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Daniel Reyes

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