Reasons why you should NEVER travel to the Riviera Maya!

I know that you clicked on the title because you’re just looking for an excuse to reject the best things in life, or maybe you are so used to your regular life that you just can’t get along with change. Are you feeling me? You must be really happy enjoying your city routine, because who wouldn’t be? Waking up early, fixing breakfast for the kids, choosing a nice tie, (and then hoping your boss likes it) and then stepping into your car to take “the ride” to the office… and it’s -30º outside. 

Meanwhile at the amazing Riviera Maya, Mexico, it’s 28ºC, someone is sipping cocktails, catching a tan while the turquoise sea waves hit the shore, luring everyone to dip in the crystal waters of the Mexican Caribbean. You know it’s there, calling, waiting for you. So why are you not here? You may think that’s not your thing, because you love your routine, right? Don’t worry, I’m with you! I live in the Riviera Maya so why would I be asking you to come? In fact, I’m gonna give you some reasons not to come to the Mexican Paradise known as Riviera Maya, because I like to be selfish for no reason at all.

(Xel-ha, near Tulum. WARNING: This photo doesn’t show the real beauty of the place.)

Why you should NEVER travel to the Riviera Maya:

Reason no. 1.

You hate the nice and warm weather. You are a mountain person! Why would you swap snow for white, silky sand between your toes? Why trade that puffy winter jacket for a sexy bikini or an outrageous Speedo to tan that pale skin of yours while laying on a Bali bed? That’s not for you, right? (Well, I hope you’re really not that into Speedo’s though).

Reason no. 2.

You surely hate people being nice, you just don’t know how to deal with hospitality and Mexico is famous for its friendly, smiley people. Hell no! Nobody can be that happy, right?

Reason no. 3.

Because the Riviera Maya is boring. Apart from the gorgeous turquoise waters of the sea, the exuberating cenotes, the impressive archaeological sites, the super relaxed but fun night clubs, the gastronomic offers, the modern resorts, the great drinks, cool activities and the fact that everything is really cheap… there’s not much to do here. Why would you like to visit a place like this?

What a view, right?

Hola hola… is your sarcasm detector working? Are you getting me now? Should I continue under this guise or do you want me to cut the crap already? Ok ok! I will now!

I want you to know that Mexicans do want you to come – that you’re so welcome to come to the Riviera Maya, a tourist and resort district located in the state of Quintana Roo, located on the eastern portion of the Yucatán Peninsula. It starts right next to Cancun in the beautiful town of Puerto Morelos, goes through the magic Playa del Carmen and all along to Tulum and Carrillo Puerto. Each of these amazing beach towns deserves its own post, though (I intend to write’em for you soon). But right now all you need to know is that the Riviera Maya is the place where you want to be right now instead of facing the screen while reading this sarcastic Mexican, which by the way writes this 1st post while amusing to this view:

Do you wanna know how to start planning your next vacation? Daniel has really good recommendations for the best way to experience your trip to the Riviera Maya, check them out! 

I’m so happy to say that I am excited to keep contributing to I don’t know what will come from this, I just like to tell people about my happy life, my beautiful country and to help whenever I can.

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Cheers from Playa del Carmen,


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Photos by Pepe Yañez & Catherine Sugrue