BRB. Time For Some #SelfCare Before The Holidays

So what the heck have I been talking about when you see me heading to a “Slimwave” session on social media. I know that my schedule is hectic (to say the least) and that I take you BTS on a lot of adventures. It’s half the fun of Do The Daniel and one of the many reasons you’re reading this post after all!

Well, let me tell you why I’ve decided it was time for a bit of #SelfCare before the holidays with Mariia Kotova at The Last Pro located at 2323 Bloor Street West (unit 213) right here in Toronto. And what all the fuss is about when it comes to my new obsession – Slimwave.

NOW, before we even get started, if you’re looking for before and after shots of my body – you might as well stop reading now. I have always believed in body positivism, mental health, and sharing why I do things (and not the results of doing them) so this post won’t be any different. Instead, I’m going to share why I believe the treatments are good for my mental health and my physical strength going into the holidays. So let’s get to it!

While I obviously recommend you do your research before trying anything, allow me to give you a quick 101 on what Slimwave is all about.

“This technology uses EMS (electro muscle stimulation) technology that combines slimming and toning effects of EMS with powerful detoxification through Infra-red therapy. While toning your muscles, you are also detoxifying, improving circulation, cellulite reduction, and lymph drainage. This safely and effortlessly creates slenderness, inch loss, firmness, and strength all in one session with no downtime!”

For those of you who just read that and didn’t get it, let me give you a comparable. Do you remember when the “ab belt” fad was alive and well? Well think something similar to that but that actually works. Slimwave is not body contouring or fat freezing. Both of which I don’t really love the idea of now that I think about it. Instead, the technology – depending on the treatment you opt for – uses your muscles. For example, Mariia was telling me that an ab treatment over the course of 45 minutes is like doing 300-450 sit-ups depending on the intensity.

Treatments include:

SlimTone (45 Minutes)
Give the whole body a workout without breaking a sweat! This treatment uses Muscle Impulse Stimulation, which will tone and tighten the muscles, break down fat and achieve measurable inch loss while improving the appearance of cellulite.
Slimwave Detox (45 Minutes)
This treatment helps to flush toxins from the body by boosting blood and lymph flow. The elimination of toxins enables the body to more efficiently break down fat deposits. After each detox treatment clients will feel lighter and more energized. This treatment works well in conjunction with infratherapy blankets to achieve measurable inch loss.
Reshape (45 Minutes)
Decrease fluid retention and reshape the figure. This treatment combats bloating and can also help reduce ankle swelling and alleviate heavy legs.
Muscle Relax (45 Minutes)
Improves muscle suppleness, ease aches and soreness. This treatment increases muscle flexibility and mobility by reducing stiffness and lactic acid build-up. This is great as a post-workout treatment
Bust Contour (30 Minutes)
Help to lift, tone and strengthen muscles around the bust area, giving an enhanced, fuller appearance. Even after one treatment, clients will see and feel a lift.
Buttock Lift (45 Minutes)
Firms sculpt and tones the back of the thigh area. This treatment will also sculpt and contour the buttocks, giving a fantastic lift and a firmer defined shape.
Ab-Define (45 Minutes)
Define the abdomen muscles. This treatment will enhance, sculpt and strengthen the muscles, keeping them firm and toned.

So why Slimwave and why now? If I’m being honest, I have noticed that being on my feet more at work during the day is causing me some back problems and also has changed my eating patterns. So in strengthening my core muscles, I find myself feeling stronger and more centered.

While I must admit there is a certain vanity that comes with bicep exercises during the treatment, alongside the certain change in my waist, it is for the strength and stamina that I have opted for the sessions.

This, like anything else in life, is no a miracle. It won’t shrink anything without hard work, diet change and in tandem with regular physical exercise can become an added positive part of your life. Self confidence, strength, physical stamina and endurance at the gym are all things that have been a direct result of seeing Mariia and I’ve only had three sessions.

So what does this mean for you? Well. Like several people have done already, I recommend you reach out to Mariia at The Last Pro (we’ve become fast friends and I adore her!) to have a consultation and talk about your goals. For those of you not in Toronto you can click here to find a practitioner in your city.

And of course, do some research by following @slimwavetechnologies on Instagram. Join the conversation and ask the questions you need to. Heck, tag me when you do and I’ll do my best to help answer!

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