My Canadian Christmas Wish List

So let’s talk about the holidays. If you aren’t already, it’s about time to start feeling festive and getting out the decorations. To plan those sumptuous meals, wrap the gifts, and get ready for one of my favourite seasons. For those of us in Canada, it’s time to get ready to brave the snow, adorn our homes with lights and fill each other’s hearts with happiness. And let’s be honest, there’s only a few truly Canadian brand that I would trust to make this all happen and I wanted to tell you a bit more about Canada’s Christmas store!

Over the last almost six years, I have loved building working relationships here on the blog with brands that I have loved personally for all long as I can remember. There is of course a certain sense of nostalgia that comes along with the season for me personally. Canadian Tire is a brand that not only has made each holiday a little more special (click here), but also reminds me of my Dad.

Now that I am building my own family and on my way to being a father myself, I find the same patterns that he and I used to share becoming a part of my every day life all year long at my local Canadian Tire. Yes, that is a sentence you just read. I have found a few items that are a must for our home.

NOMA Advanced Smart Voice Command String Lights are a holiday must this year to transform your home. Above Canela is lovingly looking at some that we got to see and I am officially obsessed.

But it’s not always about the outside of the house or the functional items, Canadian Tire is also an amazing place to get gifts to put under the tree for yourself and your loved ones. From toys for our nieces and nephews, to that new Dyson V7 Complete Cordless vacuum and home essentials I’ve had my eye on, I’m always checking Canadian Tire first these days!

I’ve already clicked on the Canadian Tire website for all things holiday. I encourage you to find your ideal colour and remember to join in on the social media conversation when you do. Follow @CanadianTire on Instagram and Twitter and by ‘Liking’ Their Facebook Page.  We can’t wait to see your holiday photos with your Canadian Tire purchases and memories all season long,

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Don’t forget to be kind & laugh a little more this year

Daniel Reyes

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