Something We All Agree On

As the new normal starts to settle in, I’ve come to realize now more than ever that my decisions have a real impact on those around me and the world as a whole. Amid my day-to-day, I’m also much more aware on how stress is taking its toll on my body both inside and out. While I’m no health expert – I trust practitioners like Catherine for those things – I know that as I get older I need to take care of myself.

It’s why I’ve become more introspective. Evaluating each and every brand I buy personally, it has become more important than ever to be mindful of making more ethical and green choices for me and my family. Something I am sure that more of us can agree on.

Amid a healthy lifestyle of balanced diet and physical exercise, skincare has of course always been an important part of my life. But if I’m being perfectly honest, I’m no where as good as I can be. I need a routine that is easy to stick to, with products that make sense for my life.

Thankfully, when I was approached by Bulldog Skincare to be their newest ambassador, I finally found a brand that makes sense for my lifestyle. Eco-friendly, natural and focused on making men’s beauty easier to understand and maintain. A dream come true!

“Designed from the ground up with male skin as their focus, all our products were created to work simply and effectively while dealing with the specific issues faced by men’s skin. Whether it’s pH balance, oiliness or dry skin, don’t be a wrinkly old beast. Bulldog has the answer. We are passionate about what goes into our products and want men to care as much about what they put on their skin as the food they eat. All Bulldog products contain a unique blend of essential oils and other amazing natural ingredients that deliver great skincare performance.

Bulldog is man’s best friend.”

As mentioned above, routine is very important when normal goes out the window. So in an effort to find a new normal, I’ve recently begun a skin routine with some of my favourite Bulldog Skincare products in an effort to focus on the things which I can control.

So for those of you who are loyalist to your current products and regime, allow me to explain that I don’t expect you to throw everything you’re doing out the window. Why not start slow with me to see the real difference a brand that understands how to not harm the planet in the name of beauty.

For example, the reason Bulldog Skincare uses recyclable plastic tubes are made from sugarcane. Did you know that for every 100 tons of sugarcane plastic produced, 309 tons of CO2 are taken out of the environment resulting in a significant impact on the environment? That is something I can get behind![0]=68.ARCOgamVNlhySWKC8Lr6_dBFmjbmRO49_XvNeNabvK_Cf1qX8vPzACh9vmDvHgjjjBgekr8y-RrqoSeF9Xvpac6zig_HtDSnhoJuU3QCWqpey73TqZOqlOt07ytUFpS1QHaBqfYK42rkim0ae6bYeSybMKYJoZV7u_sgXq3xEPq59SbA85Nl8EFGdo24pPabMVmOaEmJCjbboTJpjp_XeC4twr6Lo9L3NjJIgR3XlGAHNVukQPm_SaiMNO2zwGzJvXOCFzz1LJ6SYeqXosvfN-FvbmCLbro5GSd5_fo-q_OuGZp0iQc-JahnzZ27chA3vrQTtSQBLiO78sIJCzhj0p2SYuQqd4tuPZ_z-6LZs7JEZMn8Ph3VG2MlFWc&__tn__=-R

So first of off, I needed to ask myself what my skin is like. Am I oily or dry. Prone to sensitivity or in need of serious conditioning. Once looking over the list of products available online (click here) I opted for a bit of Age Defence Moisturiser, Original Shower Gel and a few bars of soap. A simple addition to a regular routine that immediately helped me realize how much I was neglecting my skin.

I feel better knowing the products are made with my skin in mind, with natural products, and in recyclable containers that are helping reduce the impact of the product on the planet. A decision that like the product, is my new best friend.

I encourage you to check out the Bulldog Skincare website for yourself and join in on the social media conversation with me during my journey to a healthier me inside and out.

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