All The Reasons Why I Purchased a Copy For Myself

Over the years I have had the pleasure of working with the Moët Hennessy family of brands to celebrate collaborations, launches, moments in time, and have even travelled with them to share in the success as an ambassador. And all of a sudden 2020 and COVID19 happened, and the everything seemingly changed.

We were all home, restaurants were closed and it felt like the world stopped. Over the course of the last six months, I have tried my best to pivot, support local and shine attention on those who need our support most. Having worked in the restaurant industry for so long, it’s an industry that I very much consider home, and one that has been gutted by the pandemic.

I am proud to share with you the initiative taken by Moët Hennessy Canada with the announcement of #MHCOMINGTOGETHER.

“When COVID-19 forced the restaurant industry to close its doors, Moët Hennessy banded forces with Canada’s top mixologists to raise awareness and provide support for the individuals whose livelihoods were so severely impacted by the pandemic.

Beginning with a $50,000 CAD donation to the Bartenders Benevolent Fund, in recognition of the hardships the hospitality community has faced, this national initiative includes the creation of Coming Together: The Cocktail Project

In addition to providing remuneration directly to participants for their involvement, the initiative aims to raise additional funds via the sale of a high-gloss sustainable bilingual coffee table book that features stories and recipes from 50 of the country’s top mixologists.”

And obviously I have already purchased mine because not only does it give back to real people I know who are desperately affected by the pandemic, it also is such an incredible book that I cannot wait to own, produced by one of my favourite partners over the years.

Along with the book, there will be an extensive digital presence via the Coming Together website and across social media.  Through select premium channels, reaching Canadians from coast to coast—raising awareness and providing support for a community in need.  

Campaign elements include:

#HENNESSYMYWAY – The Maison Hennessy is committed to supporting its mixology community as part of a global initiative titled, #HENNESSYMYWAY. Fifty Canadian bartenders will be engaged to showcase their mixology skills and will be offered a direct donation of $500 CAD and a branded Hennessy gift package. Bartenders will share a 30-second social media video showcasing how they enjoy Hennessy their way for a chance to be featured on

The Coming Together Cocktail Project – Moët Hennessy in Canada will support its trade partners through a national initiative titled, “The Coming Together Cocktail Project” featuring cocktail recipes from Canada’s top 50 mixologists. In addition to providing remuneration to participants, the initiative aims to raise funds via the sale of a high-gloss coffee table or digital magazine, which will be available at key retailers across Canada later this year, with all proceeds benefiting the Canadian cocktail creators.

Coming Together Instagram Live Cocktail Sessions – To inspire creativity and at-home mixology, Moët Hennessy in Canada is hosting weekly Coming Together Instagram Live cocktail sessions educating social media audiences on the essentials of cocktail making with brand ambassador Sabrine Dhaliwal and a special guest joining each week. Moët Hennessy will make a charitable donation to each guest’s charity of choice. Cocktail sessions take place every Thursday at 4:00 p.m. PST on Sabrine’s Instagram page: @sabrinedhaliwal.  

Restaurant & Catering Partnerships – To support local trade partners, Moët Hennessy in Canada is designing bespoke consumer packages and promotions to create memorable at-home experiences featuring elements like virtual tastings, surprise guests and more.

I couldn’t be more inspired by this initiative and it’s why this is the holiday gift I already purchased – for me! It makes a beautiful gift, and helps to support Canadians from coast-to-coast. I couldn’t recommend this enough to each of you reading this.

“The Maison Hennessy is proud to support the Bartenders Benevolent Fund as it directly benefits the community we are a part of,” says Veronique Gonneville, national communications director of Moët Hennessy in Canada. “The non-profit organization was created by industry members to benefit bartenders, servers and front of house support staff in the hospitality industry across Canada.”

Head to to pre-order your copy for $25 now.

While you order one, why now get some of them in the mail to friends and family across the country that you know love making cocktails as well and plan a fabulous virtual cocktail get together. Yes, it’s been a hard year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find beautiful moments amid a challenging year.

This post is not intended to be seen by persons under the legal alcohol drinking age or in countries with restrictions on advertising on alcoholic beverages. Please remember to enjoy responsibly and never drink and drive. 

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Don’t forget to be kind & laugh a little more this year

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