Here’s why I’m not keeping anymore beauty secrets

Recently Julio has been sharing a lot about beauty and celebrity culture online via his social media channels and it really got me thinking. For years I’ve read and written about ‘beauty secrets’ because that was the narrative of the time we lived in. We have been programmed as a society to search out those miracle beauty treatments and quick fixes that can make us look like those magazine covers and celebrities and for so long we all thought that one cream, one treatment, one food could make it all better. I’m here to tell you that the fact is there isn’t one beauty trick that can help you look like Jennifer L. (don’t feel like getting sued) and, trust me, it’s not just olive oil. It’s a lot of moving pieces and turns out, I’m okay with talking about it.

I remember writing my blog post about using Botox / Dysport in 2018 – which although it doesn’t feel like it, was only three years ago – and back then the topic was still something many didn’t discuss. So to admit that in an industry as a content creator / influencer (ick. please don’t ever call me that if we meet IRL) that it wasn’t just x cream or powdered drink sort of pulled the proverbial curtain back and allowed me to speak to what I do to feel good about myself.

Years later, I still very much believe in treatments for my body and face, alongside supplements, nutrition choices and yes, creams, to feel my best. I would never lie to you because for years my honesty has been my strength. Uncomfortable at times, but also an important part of the blog and what I have done with it with you all cheering me on. There isn’t one thing I do to look the way I do. There are many many things.

At 37 years old, there are parts of my body that are starting to show my age. While I love what Botox / Dysport has done for my youthful look, my eyes are starting to show signs of aging. And I am ready to try injectables under my eye to help rejuvenate the way I feel. You’ll remember that Catherine actually did this when she used to work for the blog -and now years later I’m ready to try and feel a little better about myself. That’s the thing about beauty treatments. They should be to make you feel your most beautiful and it’s why I’m looking forward to visiting D Luxe Lab in Yorkville on an upcoming visit to Toronto.

So why this specific procedure? Because now that I work essentially two full time jobs, my body has changed and aged in ways I don’t necessarily enjoy. I’m slowly working on my physical fitness, and now I feel it is the right time to rejuvenate how I feel when I look in the mirror. Coming out of a pandemic I want to feel good about myself. I want to feel beautiful. I want to feel sexy. And this is how I am choosing to do just that for myself. I’m not going to just be using olive oil – I’m going to be using some of the best medical science in the industry, some of the best beauty products at home, and I will continue to try and feed my body what it needs to be its best.

“D Luxe has selected the leading neuromodulators, fillers, and other injectable options on the market to specifically target eye wrinkles, lax eye and brow skin, under-eye bags, and more. When administered by our qualified staff, these non-invasive methods offer some truly remarkable outcomes.”

I think it’s important for me to share this with you because if one day I hoped on Instagram stories looking completely refreshed without acknowledging it, I would in fact be lieing. I am going to continue to seek out new beauty treatments and always be honest about them.

From skin to body and everything in between, D Luxe Lab is well known in the medi spa world and I look forward to sharing my first (and certainly not my last) visit with you all in real time thanks to their talented team. If you’re of the mindset that you are ready for a rejuvenation and something to feel more beautiful from, I highly encourage you to consider visiting as well.

More details can be found on the D Luxe Lab website. Join in on the social media conversation with us by following @DLuxeLab on Instagram, and by ‘Following’ their Facebook Page. Let’s normalize sharing your treatments and moments from your visit using the #DLuxeLab hashtag – I can’t wait to share mine and look forward to seeing yours too!

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