What it Means to Launch a Business During a Pandemic

2020 – the year that reality as we know it changed. As we make our way towards the end of the calendar year, I find myself looking at what – and more specifically who – has inspired me over the past twelve months. My own life has seen many changes as well. I went back to blogging full time and continue to look for a new job where my skills will be best served. I took my health back in to my own hands and became very self-aware. I started paying attention to where I was spending my money and I became much more aware of our choices and their effects on the environment, which leads me to writing this blog post.

Not only did a good friend of mine launch her business this year, but the business itself is founded in a refreshing new way to think about beauty and self-care products. For those thinking that the pandemic would be a hindrance to start a business- think again! There are opportunities galore in the domain of business, especially with digital marketing agencies like iTonic social media agency, which could help perpetuate your business and spread the word to help your venture grow.

Stop for a minute and think about the plastic that sits in your house right now. Shampoo bottles. Detergent bottles. Beauty products in non-recylable containers. All of that adds up quickly.

So when I was introduced to the idea of Good Juju Body & Home I honestly was so blown away by this idea. Against what has been a revolutionary industry shift to online and digital presences, this beauty brand hit the ground running.

Natural health and the environment are equal passions Good Juju has worked hard to marry the two in a way that you feel no compromises.

Function, beauty, and activism all in one.

So what are ZERO WASTE Shampoo & Conditioner Bars? By going solid, Good Juju is concentrating the good stuff and eliminating the water. One bar of their solid shampoo or conditioner can take the place of as many as three plastic bottles. Over the course of a year, that’s a lot fewer bottles destined for the landfill, and far less fuel emissions than would otherwise be created by shipping all that water weight around.

With a line of Shampoo Bars and Conditioner Bars designed for your specific hair type and needs, the brand has been getting a ton of buzz. And in my opinion makes for a perfect stocking stuffer for you and your loved ones.

While launching a new business amid a global pandemic can be seen as risky, I admire the team behind Good Juju so much. I can really see the passion they have to make the world a better place and I can’t wait for my first order to come in to give it a try firsthand. New businesses like this can fall at the first hurdle if they are not prepared for what is coming their way, in fact, simple things such as it consulting can be overlooked, so hopefully, these guys have got their finger on the pulse and they can thrive during this uncertain time with the right tools. Moreover, as previously stated, a global pandemic can be dangerous, and it has been observed that many people are dying as a result of this pandemic. Small and new businesses must take a few precautions to protect their operations because they cannot stop a pandemic. Initially, new businesses typically have fewer employees, each of whom is valuable to the company in their own way. Losing a key man in a new business, whether due to disability or death, can be detrimental to the company’s growth. If the unfortunate scenario of a permanent disability arises, websites like www.keypersoninsurance.com might then offer them benefits that could then help defer the costs involved in hiring a replacement employee, such as recruitment, training, startup, loss in revenue, etc.

Now, I don’t claim to say that this small business is making millions of dollars yet, but in my opinion, I think they should be. Even more so now that they’ve decided to Read more about revenue operations and how this can make a positive impact on their business too. Sometimes, it’s small changes that we all make in our lives that will make a large impact on the environment in the near future. So, if that means launching new green businesses, let’s celebrate the entrepreneurs of the world in their endeavors like I am supporting Good Juju by sharing them with you all!

Stay tuned for zero-waste water-activated laundry detergent strips – wash with your clothes and with each load you are reducing your carbon footprint by 94%

Head to www.hellogoodjuju.com to check out this incredible small business that against all odds is helping to make the world a more beautiful place.

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