The Summer of The Century Kicks Off Now!

With July 1st celebrations about to start taking place, one of the brands I have loved most for as long as I can remember is about to kick off the summer of the century celebrations in the best way possible! Over 50 homes in Toronto will decorated with hundreds of floaties from unicorns to flamingos to dinosaurs; pinwheels and garden gnomes and more – and you’re invited to join in on the excitement with them!

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With Everything Going On, I’m Ready For a Little Christmas Spirit

Let’s be honest, Halloween was so-so, and 2020 has been rough. I don’t know about you, but I could personally use a little bit of Christmas magic to make the world more beautiful. Over the years I have shared some of the best ways to do that, and this year, albeit a little different, I’ve got the answer for you all starting on November 18, 2020.

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5 Ways The Family Can #PlayFromHome This Summer

I just got off a call with my brother who lives in Ottawa. Over the past few months, it’s been really nice to be able to chat so much and reconnect while physically separated until we can visit the family again. That being said, we’ve also been able to talk about the challenges he and his wife are facing like so many parents after months of having the kids at home. From schooling and lessons, to keeping my energetic niece and nephew busy, I thought of him immediately when I found out that the Jumpstart Summer Camp has gone online this summer and is offering their programming to Canadian parents this summer!

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My Canadian Christmas Wish List

So let’s talk about the holidays. If you aren’t already, it’s about time to start feeling festive and getting out the decorations. To plan those sumptuous meals, wrap the gifts, and get ready for one of my favourite seasons. For those of us in Canada, it’s time to get ready to brave the snow, adorn our homes with lights and fill each other’s hearts with happiness. And let’s be honest, there’s only a few truly Canadian brand that I would trust to make this all happen and I wanted to tell you a bit more about Canada’s Christmas store!

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