5 Ways The Family Can #PlayFromHome This Summer

I just got off a call with my brother who lives in Ottawa. Over the past few months, it’s been really nice to be able to chat so much and reconnect while physically separated until we can visit the family again. That being said, we’ve also been able to talk about the challenges he and his wife are facing like so many parents after months of having the kids at home. From schooling and lessons, to keeping my energetic niece and nephew busy, I thought of him immediately when I found out that the Jumpstart Summer Camp has gone online this summer and is offering their programming to Canadian parents this summer!

I find myself challenged to keep my own live organized at times amid social distancing, work and the blog – I can only imagine the challenges that have come along with being a parent in 2020. While Julio & I continue to work towards our future children, I wanted to share five ways that Canadian Tire Jumpstart Summer Camp is helping families from coast-to-coast.

  1. Regular Programming to help create a schedule
  2. Canadian Athletes to showcase our country and strength together
  3. Inspiring Confidence aids with self-esteem & better coping skills
  4. Encouraging Habitual Physical Activity – aka tiring them out!
  5. Allowing Parents to connect with other families

Starting this Monday (June 29),  Jumpstart will offer social programming every weekday, with interactive and engaging posts and videos shared on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter Monday to Friday at 8:30 a.m. EST.

“We’re excited to have some of Canada’s greatest athletes help us run Jumpstart Summer Camp, acting as camp counsellors and sharing fun activities, tips and tricks throughout the week. Canadian paralympic swimmer Benoit Huot will be kicking things off this Monday as Speed Week’s camp counsellor!”

I know it’s not the same – but this camp is something that can help you and your family have a summer that is full of great memories and moments together. I know that when I told my brother about it, he got excited to have new ideas to add to the life of his children. And you can do the same!


To ensure diversity and variety in the programming, the team developed a mix of sports-specific-themed weeks, like soccer, basketball and hockey, and broader, more play-focused weeks, from “Terrific Teams” (with tips and advice on top-notch teamwork) to “Get Moving” (highlighting activities like dance, yoga and karate). And to commemorate the weeks that would have marked the 2020 Summer Games, they will have two “Go for Gold” weeks focused on Canadian Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

Sounds so fun! The camp is recommended for kids aged 5-12, but of course, anyone can join. To ensure that all kids can participate, you don’t require any specialized sports equipment, just access to a phone, tablet or computer along with their own bodies and just a few simple things from around the house.   

I hope that every family who reads this takes a minute to add this to their lives. A resource from a Canadian institution that understands now more than ever how important it is to unite Canadians together and make our lives better.

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