Finding The Time For Yourself

For those of you who have come along on our #DoTheDaniel adventures over the last few years, you’ll have seen that I have a newfound appreciate of fitness and finding balance in my day-to-day. The difficult part of that is that “fitness” as a topic hasn’t always felt like the most approachable thing to me. Like many of you, it can be intimidating, and even overly expensive to try and work towards being more physically active and make healthier choices. Recently I found out that Fitbit has launched four new products that are aimed to make your health and fitness goals more accessible, and more importantly, more affordable.

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The Moment That Changed My Life

Well that’s a title and a half, isn’t it?

But one that I’ve been giving some serious thought in the first few days of the new year. Over the last twelve months I have chosen to (and at times felt like I have been made to) evolve in more ways than a lot of people will ever realize. From my mental health to the physical changes in my appearance, my emotional fragility (and strength) to staff here at the blog… there’s been a lot of those “aha” moments that have helped me to realize who I am. And what I want in life. There is one moment that comes to mind above a lot of others and today I wanted to take a moment to share it with you all in hopes that it helps to remind you that one moment can make the biggest difference.

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What Does It Mean To Respect Your Universe?

a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.
“the director had a lot of respect for Douglas as an actor”
synonyms: esteem, regard, high opinion, admiration, reverence, deference, honor
“the respect due to a great artist”
a particular aspect, point, or detail.
“the government’s record in this respect is a mixed one”
synonyms: aspect, regard, facet, feature, way, sense, particular, point, detail
“the report was accurate in every respect”
So, do YOU respect yourself?

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New Fitbit, Who Dis?

Monday mornings are always dichotomous for me. I love working and I always have. Though the position I have held has never really mattered, work gives me purpose and direction. But commuting to the office, showering, picking out an outfit, and doing all the things I need to drag myself out of bed after what I hope would be a relaxing Sunday… I definitely can empathize with the #Mondaze sentiment most of the time. That being said, you all know that I have really been trying to work on myself lately. From being more physically active, to focusing on positive things and people in light of difficult personal challenges I am facing, there is always a choice to be made. To be broken by challenges, or to use them as lessons. Fitness has become an outlet for me, even if it’s just taking a two hour walk to get out of the house and out of my own head.  Continue reading “New Fitbit, Who Dis?”