New Fitbit, Who Dis?

Monday mornings are always dichotomous for me. I love working and I always have. Though the position I have held has never really mattered, work gives me purpose and direction. But commuting to the office, showering, picking out an outfit, and doing all the things I need to drag myself out of bed after what I hope would be a relaxing Sunday… I definitely can empathize with the #Mondaze sentiment most of the time. That being said, you all know that I have really been trying to work on myself lately. From being more physically active, to focusing on positive things and people in light of difficult personal challenges I am facing, there is always a choice to be made. To be broken by challenges, or to use them as lessons. Fitness has become an outlet for me, even if it’s just taking a two hour walk to get out of the house and out of my own head. 

You’ll notice I am usually always wearing a few things in my photos lately (click here to see for yourself) – be it on a sleepy Monday morning, or running around the city on the weekend. My Dad’s ring, my grandmother’s ring, and my Fitbit. I don’t leave the house without them because they are very important to me respectively. Obviously the rings are a little bit more for the fact that I miss both of them a lot and wish I had them both right now to help me, but the Fitbit more so because I believe in accountability lately. 

I am someone who not only admits when I make mistakes (yes, believe it or not, I am human too) but moreso in regards to staying on track with my goals. My Fitbit Versa is not only my timepiece, it’s my motivator to get up and move when I sit at the office too much. It allows me to pay for my Starbucks a little faster. It plays music. Heck, now that I think about it, it offers me more support and encouragement than half the partners I’ve had in my life at this point! So today when I found out that Fitbit announced the latest evolution of its best-selling Charge family of devices – Fitbit Charge 3.


So why is it time for an upgrade? Because of all the new features that just keep getting better with each new evolution. I love that analogy for my life too – needing an upgrade in many ways for myself as I take things one day at a time and focus on myself. 

“With a premium, swimproof design, new easier than ever band attach with a range of interchangeable accessories, and an interactive on-device experience, Charge 3 offers the ideal fit, comfort, usability and durability for all users. … Fitbit’s Charge family of products is the most popular of Fitbit’s lineup, with 35 million devices sold to date. According to Fitbit research, of adult consumers who considered buying a wearable in the last year, 42% wanted a tracker versus 36% who wanted a smartwatch – due to the slimmer design, easy-to-use features, streamlined experience and price point.”

I could nerd out about all the technical components of the new device, which coincidentally launches in October (my birthday month FYI), but you can find all those amazing details on the #FitbitCharge3 website which is live as of today. I know that I am excited to get my hands on one as I continue down the new path life has laid in front of me. For my mental, physical and emotional well being, I am genuinely grateful for the motivation that Fitbit brings me. Mondays and all! 

Charge 3 is available for presale today on for $199.95 CAD, with global retail availability starting October 2018. Sleep Score beta will be available to Fitbit users later this year – so there is so many more amazing moments for us to look forward to. 

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Daniel Reyes

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