5 Things I Never Thought I’d See At Osheaga

Those that have been following along with me as a music writer for the past few years know that Osheaga is my absolute favourite music festival- essentially what I am consistently looking forward to throughout the year. Hence why I am often seen posting old videos and photos, as a recognition of my nostalgia of my past experiences at the festival – click here to see my coverage during my time at #DoTheDaniel – as well as a representation of the excitement I feel for the event. This year I am excited to announce that The Soundtrack and Do The Daniel have partnered to share it all again with you all!

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Bloom Back!

Now that the semester is finally finished, I actually have time to breathe and do things for myself again. It feels pretty nice if I’m being perfectly honest. I’m now working part-time asides from staying busy with the blog, but it’s great to do things for myself and give back to those around me that I love.  Continue reading “Bloom Back!”

The OSHEAGA 2018 Line-up & Survival Tips

Yes, I know its 5 months away, but that doesn’t mean I’m any less stoked. OSHEAGA is BACK! The line-up is finally here and yet again, it’s one of the hottest in Canada. Last year, #OSHEAGA2017 was definitely the best weekend of the entire Summer, and I haven’t stopped thinking about it ever since. My friends and I have eagerly been waiting for this line-up, and its finally here! Continue reading “The OSHEAGA 2018 Line-up & Survival Tips”

A New Union Station… With Carbs

Growing up, I knew Union Station as an iconic hub of commuting in Toronto. Being from a small town in Niagara, we didn’t have anything comparable, unless you want to count the local bus terminal? To come to Toronto, I would take the GO train from Burlington, to Union, and that’s all I knew it as. When I began University in Toronto, it became less overwhelming, and of more value to me as I’m constantly commuting in and out of downtown for concerts and events. Continue reading “A New Union Station… With Carbs”