The OSHEAGA 2018 Line-up & Survival Tips

Yes, I know its 5 months away, but that doesn’t mean I’m any less stoked. OSHEAGA is BACK! The line-up is finally here and yet again, it’s one of the hottest in Canada. Last year, #OSHEAGA2017 was definitely the best weekend of the entire Summer, and I haven’t stopped thinking about it ever since. My friends and I have eagerly been waiting for this line-up, and its finally here!

The Official Line-Up is here! 

Here some of my favourite artists from the line-up that you should look out for :


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Known as one of the hottest Hip-Hop acts of 2017, and the “internet’s first boy band,” this is a set you definitely DO NOT wanna miss. The group of 14 have just released three top notch quality albums that feature tracks that will make you wanna “boogie”, get lost in the sound, and intense lyricism. Additionally, they are known for a wild show.


The National

This Cincinnati Rock band is known for all of their amazing production on their albums, from start to finish. They have hard-hitting and powerful instrumentation, with heavy lyrics that relate to so many people on an emotional level. 


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Toro Y Moi

Known for the rise of the “chillwave movement”, Toro Y Moi is ready to funk  things up at Osheaga. I’ve honestly been waiting to see him for years! His style of music is diverse and eclectic. Some of his albums are a bit more R&B, some funk, and some more electronic based, without sounding uncomfortably different.

Arctic Monkeys

This is a reunion we’ve all been waiting for. The Indie-Rock band hasn’t toured since 2014, nor released an album since 2013. All I know is, I bet were all gonna look good on the dance floor.


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This Toronto based indie pop band will be taking over Osheaga (I predict main-stage.) Their latest album Antisocialites made huge success for the band, making charts world-wide. Additionally, they made a variety of top album of the year lists, including mine! They are know for a dreamy-indie style show that you can’t help but drift off into.


Now, here are some of personal survival tips based off of my experience last-year.

Plan out your day

Parc-Jean Drapeau is huge, and I honestly didn’t expect navigation to be as much of a task as it was. Prior years, Osheaga took place in another section of Parc-Jean Drapeau (Île Sainte-Hélène), but has temporarily moved to Île Notre-Dame for one more year. This is a result to modernization and construction being done by the City of Montreal, for a brand new site in 2019.

Not only is the venue large, but the line-up is always amazing too, sometimes causing over-lap. It is important to plan out who you want to see, and if you will have time to travel between the stages so that you don’t miss out on your favourite artists!

Download the Osheaga Mobile App

Essentially, this is your festival agenda. It’s the perfect way to keep track of the line-up, what time your favourite artists are performing, customize your schedule and share with friends, along with an interactive map that helps you familiarize yourself with festival grounds. I honestly found this super helpful last year not only making it easier to find my friends, but the app kept me updated on set-times, cancellations, and any other important announcements.

Take the Subway

Overall there is approximately 120,000 people who attend the show. You’re going to have a very difficult time getting home after the show if you decide to drive/take a cab. I made the mistake of ubering home every night, not realizing that the metro was just a 10 minute walk from the grounds. Do this and save yourself the time so that you can save a couple dollars, make it to your after parties, or just cozy up in bed an hour sooner.

Pack Accordingly

Make sure to pack and be prepared for any situation. Last year there were some unfortunate weather circumstances and I only bought a couple rain ponchos to bring with me, and boy was I wrong. Be prepared for ANYTHING. Bring a change of clothes, ponchos, umbrellas, protect yourself! Not gonna lie, dancing in the rain was pretty fun but it would have been a much better time if I wasn’t soaked.

Stay Open Minded

I’ve attended a variety of music festivals over the year, and I’ve had to become more open minded. Understand that your days will likely not turn out as you plan them, because well… things happen. Be open to checking out new artists, that’s how I’ve honestly found some of my favourites!

Another way to check out favourites is through my Osheaga playlist that I’ve made with my favourite tracks from the performing artists. As I listen to even more of the artists throughout now and the festival, I will definitely be adding to it. Check it out here:

I couldn’t be more ready for festival season, and cannot to see what Osheaga 2018 will bring!

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