You Heard It Here First – There’s TWO new Siempre Products Coming To Canada

Yes, you read that correctly. My favourite tequila is launching two new products into the Canadian markets and I’m here to break the story in a full circle moment since being the first media outlet to write about their launch in 2015.

Over the last eight years I’ve watched as the team being the scenes worked to establish an empire that continues to grow and thrive – and on their own terms. As someone that identifies with that narrative, it only made sense that I got the first scoop.

So what are the new products you ask? Well you would have seen them in this epic (in my opinion) REEL that I created when a package from Jalisco showed up on my door step with product I thought I’d never be lucky enough to see on the shelves in Canada.

I am happy to share that I was wrong, and that Siempre Tequila has brought two new ground breaking styles of their tequila to Canadians for enjoy as much as I do.

First up, Siempre Exclusivo Vivo is officially available via  ZYN The Wine Market which is Alberta based, and a website I’ve been ordering from for years. The reason for that is that Alberta’s alcohol rules are different than Ontario’s and the site had Siempre products before they launched in Ontario.

Siempre Exclusivo-Vivo is a unique expression that references an old Hispanic-Peruvian production method of distilling live yeast. This technique has either been lost or not applied in the tequila world until now.

A natural harmony of aromas of cooked agave complemented with a slight peppery touch and fresh fruit, honey, and silky butter. Limited to 9,000 bottles so buy yours before they are gone!

While we’re talking about the LCBO in Ontario, I’m also excited to share that on top of Siempre Tequila Plata, Siempre Tequila Reposado (aka heaven in a bottle), and Siempre Tequila Anejo, Siempre Tequila Rebel Cask Reposado is officially launching at the LCBO very soon. Four skews of my favourite tequila in the world will now be available for you all to sip and enjoy, and ultimately fall in love with as much as I have since my first sip in 2015.

Each single barrel batch yields no more than 360 bottles, no single lot will ever taste exactly like another.  They use wild fermented Supremo Plata tequila and fill it into barrels at still-strength. The barrels are a range of rare and interesting ones, spanning from New French Oak, XO Cognac, Ex-Bourbon to Sauternes. This is arguably the world’s smallest single barrel program. Catch a bottle if you can.

Aged 8 months exclusively in Bordeaux Sauternes casks. This tequila will change the way you think about tequila and the colour is quite literally majestic.

Two new Siempre Tequila Products Coming To Canada

I hope that this post helps to inspire you to try Siempre Tequila for the first time, or the new products as soon as you get the chance as a lover of the brand already. Make sure to follow @siempretequila on social media to follow along with one of the most amazing brands and team of people I’ve met since launching the blog.

This post is not intended to be seen by persons under the legal alcohol drinking age or in countries with restrictions on advertising on alcoholic beverages. Please remember to enjoy responsibly and never drink and drive.  

Photos: Daniel Reyes Cocka and participating brands 

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