How to Throw The Perfect Virtual Wine Tasting

Whether you were anxiously awaiting 2021 or it just felt like another Friday, the new year has arrived and with it the ability for a fresh start if you need one. Hopefully you had the chance to relax and unwind a little bit over the holidays. While there isn’t a magical wand to wave to take away the day-to-day realities we all live, there are ways to find goodness in the world. So I thought what am I doing this year to make me and my friends happy and how can I share it with you all? Well, I have the perfect answer!

I know that one of the harder parts for me to adjust to the world last year was the physical distance I had to have even from my closest of friends. Now that I’ve adjusted my mentality I actually look forward to our virtual get togethers and realized that one of the best ideas I could think of was to organize a virtual wine tasting with it.

I love talking about wine and I love talking to my friends. So I mean while safely at home, combining the two is kind of the best thing that I have come up with. Over the last year it is no shame that I have been supporting and sharing local wine love because I believe that Canadian wine is some of the best in the world.

With big changes coming for my life, let alone finding reasons to celebrate my friends, I love the idea of organizing my first ever wine tasting with my friends. One of the first blog posts I ever wrote was actually based on a wine tasting in person when Catherine and I first move to Toronto seven years ago.

Fast forward to 2021, and while I can’t wait to give her a good squeeze, I’m gonna reach out to her, Justin, and many other people I love to hopefully ask them what their favourite wines are.

Of course I love to support local, so ordering from a website like Collab Wine & Beverage makes things like this really easy. Choosing from my personal favourites like Marynissen Estates Winery, Fogolar Wines and The Old Tun Brewing I can add to my basket and ship to us all from the website.

Then when I know the orders are in we could set a date and grab some cheese, charcuterie and snacks from online grocery or an essential run to the store. Setting a time and date, we all then can pop some wine together and chat through.

Personally, if I can recommend some of my absolute favourites and crowd pleasers

Fogolar Wines 2017 Chardonnay

Fogolar Wines 2019 Riesling, Hughes Vineyard

The Old Tun 2019 Sparkling Pinot Noir Rosé


2019 Rosé

Wine Club Membership

Wanna make it extra special or have a special situation to celebrate? Order some flowers or locally made candles. Let’s all remember that we can stay connected amid everything going on. I miss my friends terribly and I hope to give them a squeeze soon, but in the meantime at least I can laugh with them virtually over some amazing wine.

This post is not intended to be seen by persons under the legal alcohol drinking age or in countries with restrictions on advertising on alcoholic beverages. Please remember to enjoy responsibly and never drink and drive. 

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Don’t forget to be kind & laugh a little more this year, and the next!

Daniel Reyes

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