The special moments we have shared

When I stop to think about the adventures that Julio & I have shared over the years, there are some amazing moments and experiences that always make me smile. As exciting as our travels and events around the world have been, some of my favourite moments spent together as a couple have been those we spend at home. I quickly came to realize that it was Julio’s love for Nintendo and Pokémon that made him so endearing when we first started to date. Looking back on our relationship, Nintendo has actually been a huge part of our lives. I guess that happens when you genuinely love something. So I decided to look back at some of the special moments we have shared together as Nintendo fans. 


Nintendo and chill ?

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Just a casual Saturday morning ?? #VANSxNINTENDO

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And those are just the ones that we have shared online. They don’t include lazy Sunday mornings, curled up on the couch in our pajamas as I scream at the television for not coming in first place while playing Mario Kart. Yes. That happens a lot actually now that I think about it… I’m slightly competitive, and tend to always try and get better at gaming. Nintendo and their variety of gaming systems (no Julio I don’t wanna play Super Smash Bros because I don’t know how to play!) have helped to unwind with my husband and find joy in the simple moments we share together. 

Then this happened recently… 


If that doesn’t make you smile, I don’t know what would. Yes, the Pikachu Yellow Edition New Nintendo 3DS XL has arrived in Canada and I surprised Julio with one because he works so hard and deserved something special. Not only has his reaction made my whole year, but he genuinely loves the collectible yellow. Anything Pokémon out there that is limited edition he will want, so this was an easy gift to pick up for this lover of all things Nintendo.

Features of the new electic design (see what I did there?) include

  • a 3D screen
  • enabling 3D view without the need for special glasses
  • the ability to adjust or turn off 3D effect with the 3D Depth Slider
  • face-tracking 3D feature adjusts based on the location and angle of the user’s face, even in dimly lit conditions
  • The added fun of amiibo, which can give you access to bonus items, unique content and/or the ability to customize your character
  • Access to the Nintendo eShop, where users can browse and purchase downloadable software, see game trailers and learn about games
  • Plenty of built-in software, including the Nintendo 3DS Camera, Nintendo 3DS Sound, Mii Maker, StreetPass Mii Plaza and AR Games
  • Parental controls that allow parents to manage what their kids can access on their system

I have no doubt that there are many more Nintendo & Pokémon memories are in store for Julio and I. I have to figure out how to surprise him with #NintendoSwitch next of course… And let’s be honest, I want it desperately too. After all, I love this all just as much as my big kid of a husband does. For more information on Nintendo Canada & the amazing releases coming in the next few months, make sure to check out their website today.

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