The four steps I took to get the perfect gift

I know, I know… I’ve been talking about my 40th birthday since what feels like January. And with it finally happening on October 17th, I’ve really been putting a lot of thought into what I want to get myself. A milestone birthday is a special occasion after all, and a pretty big one at that. So inspired by my own indecisiveness and finally realizing what I really wanted, I thought I’d share with you all the four steps I took to buy myself the perfect gift.

I guess it should come as no surprise to those of you who have been following and reading for years that I’m obviously going to book a trip. Travel has not only become a crucial and exciting part of my job as a content creator, but feeds my adventurous spirit in a way that only getting on a plane to a new destination can!

I should preface this post by saying that while I wanted to book a trip on my 40th this October, I also knew that I wanted my birthday gift to myself to be something I could share with Julio and he ran out of vacation days for 2023. A bit of a womp womp, we quickly pivoted to the idea of NYE somewhere sunny or a trip in January to kick off 2024 in the best way possible. The silver lining in having to wait? It still allows me to get the gift I wanted, and giving me something to look forward to!

Step 1. head to

I mean this is probably the most important step of all, because it’s where your inspiration will be sparked almost immediately. Over the last few weeks (and months) I’ve kept a tab open and refreshed it to see what resorts, destinations and deals were calling my name.

Also I went back and forth on their incredible packages (we’ve been fans for years!) and their luxurious cruises since Julio has never been on one. Both fantastic options to book, especially right now!

Step 2. set your sights on a destination that is calling to you

I love Mexico and will usually always default to go visit our friends in the Riviera Maya and enjoy a destination we’ve loved for almost a decade. That being the case, there is something to be said for exploring other regions of the world and beautiful all inclusive properties. Below are just a few that caught my eye this year!

Azura Beach Resort, Costa Rica

Royalton CHIC Punta Cana

Secrets St. Martin Resort & Spa

Step 3. book your flights, transfers and excursions

The great part about booking with Sunwing Vacations is that the website is easy to use, let’s you find the perfect destination package, and helps you book your flights, transfers and excursions. The excursions are some of the best memories Julio & I have made over the years while traveling, but if you’re more of a stay on the resort and beach kind of person, that works too!

Step 4. Get the upgrade. You deserve it.

This step I cannot stress enough, especially if you’re celebrating someone or something special. If turning 40 has taught me nothing else, it’s that life is meant to be lived and sometimes you deserve the splurge. Upgrade your plane ticket, upgrade your room and find ways to make your travel more incredible when you can.

That’s what I am doing going into my forties, and especially when I travel!

And it’s just that simple my friends. Four easy steps I took to get myself the gift I really wanted for my big 4-0.

If you’re needing some more inpsiration, click here to read about our Sunwing Vacation adventures with #DoTheDaniel throughout the years.

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Photos: Daniel Reyes Cocka and Sunwing Vacations

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