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Travel & Lifestyle | All the reasons we love TWENTYSIX by Natasha Koifman and Aromachology for Artists for Peace and Justice

There are several people in the world who inspire me in ways that are hard to explain. One of those people is Natasha Koifman and the empire she has built at NKPR. Not only is she the figurehead of one of our favourite PR firms in the country, she is also an incredible philanthropist. Her latest project that has officially launched today is TWENTYSIX by Natasha Koifman and Aromachology for Artists for Peace and Justice. This perfume is something that I genuinely love, but it is also officially making a difference in the world.

We are a household that loves our fragrances. When I was introduced to TWENTYSIX in a top secret way earlier this year, I was impressed by its complexity and subtle sweetness. It’s evoked a sense of warmth and femininity all at the same time and left me smiling. Sometimes a scent or perfume can be overpowering and completely turn me off when it tries to be too many things. TWENTYSIX has found that perfect balance that many fragrances seem to aspire to thanks to the expertise of Aromachology.

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“Crafted from Haitian vetiver, a fragrant grass that grows on the coast of Haiti, TWENTYSIX combines 26 ingredients to inspire and move the heart. Bergamot top notes reveal a floral bouquet of roses and peony, followed by patchouli, earthy sandalwood and noble vetiver. The scent evokes Haiti’s natural charm, timelessness and possibility, serving as a reminder that beauty can come out of chaos. … Every purchase directly supports APJ and children in Haiti”

To purchase the perfume and help to make a difference in the world, make sure to head to It will also be available at select Hudson’s Bay locations across Canada in November.


For inspiration on TWENTYSIX and the changes it will make in the world, follow @natashankpr, @aromachology & @artistsforpeace on Instagram & Twitter. Use the #26forAPJ to show us how you wear this beautiful scent and why you chose to change the world with us.

For more behind the scenes of this and other amazing brands and events we are working with, make sure to follow along with the #DoTheDaniel Instagram account. We’d love to have you join us on our adventures around the world!

Photos: TWENTYSIX by Natasha Koifman and Aromachology for Artists for Peace and Justice


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