Travel & Lifestyle | All the reasons why the Samsung Canada #GalaxyS7edge is my favourite mobile device to date

As many of you have come to see over the years, we have been fans of Samsung Canada and their innovative products both personally and professionally. From the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 that I recently got for Julio as the perfect birthday gift, to the coveted 4K SUHD TV that I still need to get for our home, it’s clear that Samsung is the best fit for us in so many ways. Most recently, I upgraded my mobile device to the Galaxy S7 edge and I am excited to share with you why it is, hands down, my favourite mobile device to date!

Partnering with Samsung Canada is a momentous occasion for me and one that I am proud to share with you. Over the remaining months of 2016, I will get a BTS look at some of the exciting launches and products coming to Canadians from coast to coast and share them with you all. If you’re wanting to look into the Samsung products and you feel like you might be due a phone upgrade, maybe head on over to a website where it can be easy to compare and purchase different phones such as a Samsung and others.

Like many of you, as someone who shares photos and special moments online via social media, I knew I needed a phone with an amazing camera and ability to keep up with my busy schedule. Whether it’s the ability to survive my clumsy moments with it’s waterproof and dust-proof design, the #GalaxyS7edge is able to withstand being underwater for 30 minutes at 1.5 meters. Yes. You read that correctly. UNDERWATER!

The design of the phone is also important to me. It’s kind of silly to admit, but my phone needs to look good in my hand. I didn’t want a clunky looking device that I couldn’t slip into my back pocket as I run out the door, nor something too small that I loose it when I put it down while doing twelve things at once at home. Feeling like Goldilocks, the phone is just right at 5.5 inches with it’s curved edge design. 
When I visited my local Rogers store to switch my phones, I made sure to clear my afternoon schedule. In the past, when changing devices (yes, I have done this a LOT in the past few years) it usually took hours to transfer my contacts and chances are all my photos would be lost. Not this time! The Samsung Smart Switch app made transferring my photos, contacts and apps incredible easy and took all of 40 minutes thanks to the Rogers team.
Now that I loved the way the phone looked, felt, AND I had it all set up… it was time to see if it could keep up with me. As mentioned, I share a lot of things online. Whether I’m sending emails, taking conference calls, or grabbing that beautiful food shot, I needed the best mobile device camera on the market. And I found it! With the fast camera launch, focus, dim light and professional settings, I am able to snap and share faster than ever before. 

I actually love when people ask me what camera I use, especially over the last few months, because it is to their astonishment in the fact that the majority of the photos I share on the blog and social media are taken with my#GalaxyS7edge. Over the years, it was necessary to carry my phone and a DSLR around with me to get the best shot possible. Now, with the advancements made by Samsung, I am able to create beautiful images and memories with just a few settings on my phone – that is a game-changer and one of the many reasons why I knew I needed this device. 

Finally, the biggest issue many of us face: battery life. I know that when I used other brands of phones, I was constantly on the lookout for an outlook and carried my charger with me everywhere I went. The Galaxy S7 edge provides me with the confidence to leave the house for an entire day without worrying about if I’ll make it to that last event. It also has wireless charging capabilities, which is fantastic when I have zero patience to be fiddling with charging chords mixed. 
At the end of the day, the new Galaxy S7 edge has helped me to stress less about what my phone can’t do, but rather has me excited to learn something new that it can do every day. And I didn’t even get to the VR capabilities (that’s coming to the blog soon as I am working on something exciting!)
Living a #GALAXYLIFE with Samsung Canada has helped to allow me the ability to create, contribute and combine the best of the world around me. The world isn’t slowing down any time soon, so why not equip yourself with a phone the suits your busy life?

For more details on this incredible mobile device for yourself or that special someone in your life, make sure to click here. Make sure to stay tuned with me over the rest of the year to get a behind the scenes look at how Samsung Canada not only compliments everything we have going on at, but is also an extension of who I am personally. 
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Photos: Samsung Canada & Daniel Reyes
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