Travel & Lifestyle | Come see why I’m taking off to Vegas with my BFF for my birthday!

A lifestyle blogger & a holistic nutritionist are taking a trip to Las Vegas to celebrate their birthdays. Sounds like the beginning of a really great story, wouldn’t you say? It’s actually the beginning of an exciting adventure that Catherine & I decided to take this year to co-celebrate turning 33 years old. When we realized that it was finally time to experience Vegas together, it only made sense to book using the new website since it could help us create the trip of a lifetime. When people mention Vegas, one of the first things they may think of is visiting a casino. If this is not something that interests you, knowing that you have to option to check out sites like eurocasino could make the vegas experience a whole lot easier, especially as you can do this within the comfort of your hotel room. Anyway, come and see why we decided it was time to embrace the #VegasYou ideal and what we have planned for our BFF birthday trip!

Travel is always easier when you use a website like that allows you to book everything you need in one convenient place. The all new really helps to tailor your travel, no matter what kind of traveler you are. When you arrive, you are greeted by several options of Hotels to start your search – from Vintage Vegas to the Finest Restaurant, it immediately got me excited to curate a trip that would suit our needs and personalities!


After reviewing the #VegasYou options, we opted to book our stay at ARIA Resort & Casino because this modern hotel just seemed to speak to us. “Modern luxury, Center-Strip: At the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, ARIA Resort & Casino offers a luxurious resort experience with technologically advanced accommodations, world-class dining and entertainment, upscale shopping and more.” It was important for us to be on the strip so that we can immerse ourselves in the energy of Las Vegas. As much as we were excited by the casino options, we realised that you can get almost the exact same experience from on line blackjack instead and we were much more excited about the amazing sites that Vegas has to offer. Using these sites could be a good way of getting some experience before heading to Las Vegas and hitting up the physical table games, but some of the most popular sites of the casino industry in Finland are entertaining in their own right (if only just for having fun on during your downtime!).

Booking our flights was easy because it showed us options on several airlines and I opted to fly in early when we arrive and leaving mid-afternoon on the way back. A word to the wise, flying back from the west coast can eat up your day and you should be mindful of that when booking your flight times. Try to find a way to enjoy the last morning in Vegas if you can – it’s easy to do using the site!

One more tip that I learnt when booking hotels in Las Vegas is that they hold a deposit AND a “Resort Fee” on your credit card when you check in per-night. All this information is hotel specific and can be found by scrolling down on the hotels you are looking at on Just make sure to have this room available before you arrive to avoid any hassle when travelling as a heads up.

We also have opted to try a delicious meal at Gordon Ramsay Steak because I have always wanted to enjoy a meal at a Gordon Ramsay restaurant. Not to mention Las Vegas is known for its incredible food culture, I’m sure this will be one of MANY amazing stops we will be making on our adventures.


We also booked a few excursions while planning our hotel & flights with – Wild West Horseback Riding Tour anyone? You’re darn right. We will be saddling up and enjoying the Maverick Breakfast Ride while in town.


And it wouldn’t be a trip to Vegas without seeing a show. We opted for Thunder from Down Under at the Excalibur Hotel & Casino – need I say more? We have a few more excursions and experiences that we booked, but I want to keep those secret until we reveal them during our trip on social media. You’ll just have to follow along!

Together, Catherine & I were able to curate the perfect first experience to Las Vegas thanks to and I encourage you to come along with us while we explore the city, the food and the adventures together online. Make sure to check out the website today to find your very own inspiration and discover your #VegasYou – You deserve it!

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