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For many of us, when asked how things are going, we often respond with “OMG I’m so busy!” Life is hectic, and it seems as though the more we have to do, the less time it feels like we have to do it. I know that I chronically (pardon the pun) am looking for just a few more hours in the day to keep up with a busy schedule. When I was able to get myself the new Samsung Gear Fit2 last month, it was because it was a seamless addition to my life and health goals. I hate having my time wasted and am always looking for ways to make my life easier. Samsung Canada has been one of the best ways for me to stay connected, share those sexy food photos, and now stay fit. 

Wearable tech has become something of a must have in the world we live in. Not only because the #GearFit2 will buzz when I have social media or email notifications, but also because it provides those helpful reminders to get up and get moving when I’m stuck at the desk for too long. 

I by no means consider myself a health nut, or fitness expert. I am just a man who lives a busy schedule, trying to find time to be healthy and live a happy life. The #GearFit2’s sleek design and ability to sync with my #GalaxyS7edge (click here to learn about this incredible mobile device) has created a way for me to be mindful of what I am doing physically throughout the day. 



Own every step of your run and keep track of your fitness with the #GearFit2 #Fitness #Workout

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As I continue to travel the world, grow our team, and build my family, I know that my #GearFit2 will help remind me of how far I’ve come both literally and figuratively. There used to be a time when I was skeptical about workout devices and instruction guides. I often wondered whether the health tracking devices work or Does unlock your hip flexors work? My perspective changed after I started working out. Step counters, automatic exercise tracking, customizable watch faces and so much more will help me to stay on track to being the best me possible. 

I wouldn’t waste your time telling you about an item I use every day if I didn’t think that it could make a real difference in your life, like it has in mine. Time stops for no one, so why not use every minute of every day to the fullest to be the best you? I wholeheartedly trust the innovations of Samsung Canada to help make my life better, easier and ultimately to compliment who I am. I dare you to try the #GearFit2 and not feel the same way!

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