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I am 100% obsessed with Indigo Chapters, especially around the holidays. Every year, I am excited for that moment when overnight the holiday items hit the shelves and I can take my time to carefully look through the hottest items of the year. To get inspired this year, I am sharing some of my favourite holiday items – if you’re looking for ideas this year, you don’t want to miss this list!

From the hotest books of the season, to home decor, Indigo Chapters is here to #MakeItMerry for the 2016 Holiday season. 


BRB. Buying everything in sight with Julio. ??⛄ #MakeItMerry

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Below I share a few of my favourite items available this year in store and online. Check it out the hottest items to help you get the perfect gifts you need for friends and family!

The books that I am pesronally the most excited to read over the holidays




Gifts for Teens

Not to mention some of the best gifts for kids in Canada – click here to shop to your hearts content. Because is there anything better than seeing the smile on a child’s face when they open an amazing present during the holidays?! Did I also mention that gifts for the kids ALWAYS receive free gift wrapping? Using PayPal One Touch checkout (click here to learn more about how to use PayPal this holiday season) allows me to get my favourite Indigo gifts at the touch of a button! This holiday, I can assure you the a lot of people on my shopping list will be receiving beautiful gifts from Indigo Chapters – for more gift inspiration make sure to head to

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