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There are mornings when I wake up and my to do list is so long, I don’t even know where to start. I think a lot of us feel that way in our daily lives and we can get a little lost in the mix. I teamed up with Axe Canada for the launch of their new Advanced Collection, now available in Canada, to showcase how I incorporate the products into my everyday, very busy lifestyle.  

For those of you who also follow Julio on his adventures in the busy lives we live, you will have seen that he also is embracing the new Advanced Collection – you can read all about it on FASHIONIGHTS by clicking here. We keep them stocked at home and in our bags to make sure that we are ready for anything life brings our way!

Have you ever felt like you were just juggling too much? I know I have and lately it’s been about trying to remember what is important to me to make me happy. Whether it’s starting to read again or to take the time to go to the gym, embracing the man I am is something that is so important.


Being that my personal journey in 2016 is about rediscovering myself, I knew that adding the new Advanced Collection of products to my day to day life made sense. Whether by bringing it with me to the gym every morning or having it handy while running in between meetings… being prepared and staying fresh is what really made me fall in love with the products – and kept me feeling confident whatever was thrown my way.  After all, “Axe believes guys are at their best when they’ve found their magic – that thing that makes them unique, and the confidence that comes from embracing it.” Truth.

The new AXE Advanced Collection features three uniquely tailored grooming lines – Signature, Urban and Adrenaline – which are each tailored to suit the needs of three distinctive men. I personally felt drawn to the Urban products and man with the on-the-go- lifestyle in a busy city setting.

Urban gives me the edge I need in the city while keeping me fresh. The city is my playground but I don’t let it make me sweat while I run around Toronto on a daily basis to meet with brands, partners, friends and family – running is a busy role and I need to be prepared to attend a meeting at the drop of a hat. There’s NOTHING worse than smelling bad for a meeting, so it was an easy choice.


“Anti-odour technology, for an odour-protected style. Effortlessly. New 48 hour Advanced Protection.” – sweet & spicy, the new fragrance is actually quite invigorating. Have you ever smelled something that made you feel inspired? That happens to me all the time and this is one of those scents. Whether it’s coming out of the shower at the gym or a quick refresh mid afternoon, I feel good and smell even fresher when I use this product. 



Don’t settle for generic antiperspirant. It’s just that simple – you deserve to feel good and look good. That’s why the Urban antiperspirant is my favourite of all the new products because it’s a simple addition to make the biggest change in the way you start your day. 



Don’t forget that AXE now also has a full line of products for men from styling products to body wash. I feel better, I look better and I am better when I use products that suit my life and not the other way around.. It’s time we embrace that thing that makes us unique and the confidence that comes from accepting it. After all, its what makes us guys most attractive for the world around us.

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Photos: Daniel Desforges & Axe Canada

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