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I recently shared a very intimate story about my journey towards finding myself with LE CHÂTEAU (click here to see it now) and have come to realize that clothing can truly change the way I feel. This month’s #LeStyleChallenge came to me while I was spending the day with my BFF. Catherine has been such an integral part of my life and I wanted to pay it forward with her by taking her shopping at LE CHÂTEAU. Come see how treating your BFF can help to not only make them feel amazing but can also remind you what is truly important in life. 

I think that sometimes we all can get wrapped up in ourselves and the busy lives we live. I like to think that I show the people I love how important they are to me. Sometimes that can be with a “Just Because” card in the mail, flowers or dinner. While recently spending the day with Catherine, I wanted to stop in to see the latest additions to LE CHÂTEAU at CF Toronto Eaton Centre. As we were looking through the newest clothing arrivals, it occurred to me that picking up Catherine a few pieces of clothing to help remind her how beautiful she is would be an amazing way to pay it forward. 

We both love shopping at LE CHÂTEAU and have worn many outfits by them over the years. From everyday apparel to special occasions, they have helped us to feel good and look good too!

Catherine tried on several items and I knew that picking them up for her would be a great way to show her I love her. With the fall right around the corner, we all could use a few new additions to our wardrobe and it made me happy to make her happy.

Dark floral prints are a stunning new trend for the fall and Catherine fell in love with the Floral Print Crêpe de Chine V-Neck Tunic. Paired with a pair of Leather-Like Gladiator Wedge Sandal and you’ve got an outfit that is perfect for the summer and fall. I love how Catherine feels in this outfit and how buying her an outfit at one of our favourite stores made the biggest difference for such a small gesture. Paying forward positive vibes and spoiling your BFF can help them in ways you might not even realize and LE CHÂTEAU time and time again. 

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Photos: LE CHÂTEAU & Daniel Reyes