Maybe Let’s Focus On What We Can Do

The world seems to full of good words, bad words and wasted words lately if I’m being honest. But when it comes to certain words, I am always going to get behind them.

Kindness. Generosity, Charity. Empathy.

I guess it makes sense that those inspired me to write today’s post. A change of perspective centered around the things I can do, instead of those I can’t.

I am always going to try to give the attention to causes and charities that need it. Amid the effects of 2020 and COVID19, they have lost a lot of their funding. And while a lot of us did too in a way, we don’t have patients that need that money in the way that St. Michael’s Hospital Foundation does. So I am here to tell you that they are running from August 5th-August 19th, The Urban Angel Golf Classic auction is LIVE!

“Check out amazing prizes and experiences like a virtual meeting with Howie Mandel or luxury staycations. All funds will help support St. Michael’s Hospital’s fight against COVID-19.”

St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto is recognized for its work with the most marginalized members of our community, particularly those experiencing disadvantage and homelessness.

When COVID-19 struck, St. Michael’s Hospital Foundation cancelled its annual Urban Angel Golf Classic tournament, one of its highest grossing fundraisers. Now, in an effort to raise crucial COVID-19 funding for the hospital, St. Michael’s Hospital Foundation is introducing its first-ever Urban Angel Golf Classic Auction: a virtual auction of one-of-a-kind prizes and experiences that all Ontarians can bid on.

Items on offer include one-on-one video calls with beloved Canadian celebrities to staycations at some of the city’s most luxurious hotels, to front row seats at Toronto sports matches, and much more. All funds raised from the auction will support the hospital’s highest COVID-19 priorities, such as ensuring their frontline health-care workers have what they need to battle the crisis, making sure no member of society is left behind, and powering cutting-edge research to end the pandemic

Please join me in heading to to bid today and help raise funds for one of Toronto’s most needed and loved hotels.

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Don’t forget to be kind & laugh a little more this year

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