Three Ways To Travel To Spain With Me This Year

As I sit down to realize it’s already August in one of the most memorable years of my life so far, I find myself remembering some of my travels and happiest moments around the world. While a lot of us safely explore our own cities, provinces, and Canada as a whole, there are a few places in the world that will forever hold a piece of my heart. One of them being Spain and the trip I took in 2007 after graduating from Carleton University.

While in Spain all those years ago, I began my love affair with Spanish wine and food. I’ve said it before and will continue to say it, but one of my favourite parts of wine is the ability to transport you to beautiful places around the world.

One of the regions I quickly became enamored with being DO Rueda, the only region that specializes in white wine production and is the leader in the commercialization of quality white wines with 41% of the market share.

D.O. Rueda’s wine production dates back to the 16th Century when King Alfonso VI offered lands to monasteries and now the area 73 wineries with over 1,500 vine-growers, and 16 wineries producing organic wines with two
more awaiting certification.

For those of you wine lovers who love to geek out over wine facts, here’s a few fun ones to enjoy over a bottle of wine from the region

  • The Duero River is very important to the production of top wines in Europe (Spain and Portugal) as it is filled with unique soils that are pebbly with sand and silt in certain areas
  • The vineyards grow in environments with extremely hot summers and cold winters within a sandy, mineral rich soil – ultimately giving the grapes defined texture and aroma. The difference in temperatures between day and night in summer can be over 20 degrees and the warmer daytime temperature helps convert the sugar into alcohol while the cool night time temperatures maintain acidity levels to get a bright, crisp and balanced wine
DeAlberto, Bodega, Serrada, Alberto, Gutiérrez

And the best part? D.O.(Designation of Origin) Rueda is celebrating its 40th anniversary – and they are doing so in three ways that you can join in along with me. A way to travel to Spain from home while we all dream of visiting for real soon.


Grab a glass and a corkscrew and let Wine Align deliver a curated wine package featuring 6 bottles of wine from D.O. Rueda from their new Passport Series. Sommeliers, and wine panel, John Szabo (MS), David Lawrson (wine critic), Steve Thurlow (wine critic), Sara D’Amato (sommelier and wine critic) and Margaret Swaine (wine critic), curated the case of their favourite wines from the region that Ontarian oenophile are sure to enjoy. The wine cases include the following wines: Jose Pariente
Fermentado en Barrica Verdejo, AYRE Verdejo, Sapientia, Nekora, El Bufon 2019, Montesol Sauvignon 2019 and cost $320.


One of only five Master Sommeliers in Canada, and 266 in the world, Master Sommelier, Bruce Wallner, will be presenting a mouthwatering and educational class on the Verdejo grape and D.O. Rueda region. This virtual trip to Spain features a presentation on the region, informative tasting notes, meats and cheeses, alongside a talk with one of the winemakers from
the region. Canadian wine connoisseurs can navigate the subtle notes of the expressive Verdejo grape with Wallner with a case of three or six wines and can purchase by visiting:

Wines featured include: Finca Montepedroso 2018, Oinoz Rueda Verdejo, Sapientia, Jose Galo Rueda Verdejo, Castillo de la Mota, Montesol Verdejo 2019.


Toronto’s resident wine expert, Angela Aiello, is bringing wine education to Instagram Live with a tasting event of D.O. Rueda’s wines. This discussion focuses on 10 wines available at the LCBO and SAQ stores for an accessible addition to the ultimate friend’s night in, or perfect for a social distancing picnic. Wine lovers can pre-purchase the wine(s) from the LCBO and SAQ
and login to hear Aiello discuss the wines from the region: Vendimia Nocturna Verdejo, Excellens Sauvignon Blanc, Beronia, Dominio De La Granadilla Verdejo, Marques de Riscal Verdejo, Garciarévalo Finca Tres Olmos- Lias Verdejo 2018, Honoro Vera Blanco, Protos Verdejo 2019, El Petit Bonhomme Blanc, Verdejo Organic Rueda Agricola Castellana, 2019.

Angela is a dear friend of mine, so this is one not to miss!

Did I also mention the DO Rueda has teamed up with Eatertainment?

Kit includes:
• Marinated olives, artichokes & onion
• Paprika spiced crostini
• Smoky sea salt fried potatoes with blistered tomatoes, parsley, olive oil
• Suckling pig with apples in natural jus
• Gazpacho
• Grilled octopus with white beans and piquillo peppers
• Mushroom & Manchego croquettes
• Roasted garlic aioli

So where do you start? Head to your local LCBO and find a nice Verdejo – Spain’s version of a Pinto Grigio, but with a flare that will impress any wine drinker. Take a look at the promotions above and join me for any and all of them in your own way. And of course join in on the social media conversation by following @DORueda on Instagram and Twitter, and by using and following the #DORueda hashtag. I’d love to know which wine from the region is your favourite and why!

This post is not intended to be seen by persons under the legal alcohol drinking age or in countries with restrictions on advertising on alcoholic beverages. Please remember to enjoy responsibly and never drink and drive. 

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