Let’s Take a Minute to Talk About…. Snow?

As I sit on the rooftop patio at the office answering emails and looking forward to a busy summer night in Toronto, I’m laughing at the fact that I’m about to write a blog post about the winter. As Canadians, the snow is something that defines who we are. The strength it takes to endure the blistering cold from coast-to-coast, and the fact that we are known internationally for our love of all things winter. Some of us deal with the cold better than others (this is where I’m going to poke fun at Catherine – she hates the winter) so when we were recently introduced to the French Canadian brand Quartz Co., I fell in love with their brand. Inspired by the fact that most of us will need to prepare for winter before we know it, and the fact I AM IN LOVE with the red jacket you’ll see below, I wanted to tell you why we will be wearing this brand when the temperature drops in 2018. 

Having met with the very handsome team behind the brand – it’s always a nice perk if I’m being completely honest – we came to understand the importance of supporting Canadian brands that make their products in Canada. Especially with the current political climate, we are becoming more aware of where we are making our purchases. To wear Canadian means more now than it ever has before.

Brothers Jean-Philippe and François-Xavier Robert have worked tirelessly to create “a contemporary Canadian design approach for the global, fashion conscious consumer who believes in quality. Refinement is reinforced in every stitch and seam. Our expanding collection is made to stand the test of time city to cabin to country to wherever you go next. Winter’s cold stands no chance.”

So, let’s talk about what makes the brand different asides from my affinity as a French Canadian to support home grown brands. 

The design is something that really impressed me. The jacket Catherine is wearing in the photo above is designed after a kimono, with a perfect length to cover up your winter outfits. The red of the coat I am sporting of course caught my eye and stole my heart. Though Canadians are saturated with options every fall, this brand really understands that just because I have to be bundle up in the Toronto winter, I don’t need to be boring and fade into the sea of black and grey coats on the streetcar. 

EDITION enhances Quartz Co.’s extreme weather Canadian made parka line, worn and adored in more than 20 countries. All Quartz Co. products contain technical and functional components to effectively protect against natural elements on a daily basis. The EDITION parkas are built using high-performance materials such as Japanese laminated nylon, renowned for its breathability and water resistance, and high-quality Canadian down…”

We of course had to ask about the sourcing of the fur on the coats. At Do The Daniel, inspired by our heritage and experience alongside some of the best fashion blogs in the country, it’s important to educate ourselves. Sourced ethically, it actually is something that (upon further research) we found out has less environmental impact that faux fur. Though this is a personal choice – and we respect all stances on the hot topic – remember that plastics aren’t exactly “good” for the environment either. 

What I would encourage you to do is check out the Quartz Co. website to see what they are all about. You can of course join in the social media conversation by following @QuartzCo on Instagram and by ‘Liking’ their Facebook Page. And when you spot me in that iconic red coat (fingers crossed) later this year, say hi!

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Photos: Catherine Sugrue, Daniel Reyes & All Social Media accounts listed above


Daniel Reyes

Mobile photos were taken with my #HuaweiP20Pro on the Rogers network