There Has Never Been a Better Time to Get Away

The more time I spend away from Toronto, the more I come to realize that I love that city so much.

While Ottawa is “home” – and it is beautiful, don’t get me wrong – there is a special feeling of excitement that I get every time I come back to Toronto for work or a visit with Julio. During my most recent visit, I was in town for the longest visit since I moved earlier this year, and I was having epiphanies about the city and life that I never thought I would have. After ten years of living in Toronto, did it take me leaving to finally appreciate the city? ?

There has always been a magic about the city of Toronto for me. While I am a proud French Canadian, born and raised in Montreal, my whole childhood I just knew I would eventually call Toronto home. When I finally moved there in 2012 (for the umteenth time) it all kind of fell in to place. My career, my path to self-discovery, and ultimately meeting Julio.

I am obviously very happy to be on the journey to adoption and living in Ottawa to make that happen, but when I do go back to the city it’s to get away from the stress of that all. It’s to stay at a spectacular hotel and enjoy delicious meals and see my amazing friends. So do I miss it? Obviously. But at least I know how to escape properly and have the best time I can on each visit.


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Most recently, Julio and I had the pleasure of rediscovering a hotel property that we know quite well. Under it’s former name, it was actually the last staycation we had before the full lockdown of the pandemic happened last March. This time around under the newly renovated marquee of The Yorkville Royal Sonesta, our stay was absolutely perfect.

I don’t often use that word, but from the views of the city from Toronto’s iconic mink mile, aka Yorkville, we could see the CN Tower and really take in the energy of a much needed weekend together. The suite we stayed in was magnificent in every way. The pool, the staff, the food at Proof… all of it. Three days to disconnect felt like an all inclusive getaway nestled in the heart of the city and I still think back fondly on the memories (big and small) that we made there.

There’s something to be said for a beautiful hotel, but when the energy is just right, it feels like a real vacation. The property speaks to its boutique chicness and I wanted to step off of Bloor and into a whole other world. Based on our experience, I look forward to getting back to the hotel with Julio this year. If you’re in need of an escape but don’t have the chance to get on a place, might I suggest booking a stay at The Yorkville Royal Sonesta for yourself.

Let them take care of your every whim, allow yourself to be pampered, and remember that the world is hard enough. You’ve earned this break!

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Don’t forget to be kind & laugh a little more this year, and the next!

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