3 Things You Didn’t Know About Edibles

When it comes to Cannabis in Canada, I think we as a society are finally coming to a place where we can have a conversation about it calmly. At least in my mind, gone are the days where we avoid the subject around our families, schools and you experience it for the first time smoking a joint secretly in your teens. From the advances of legalization from coast to coast, to the ample variety of consumer good, the topic is now so much more than getting high. So in an effort to keep the conversation moving forward I thought I would share 3 things you didn’t know about edibles and why I enjoy them!

While an edible can of course be a lo of fun when enjoyed responsibly, I have found out a lot about myself and edibles through trial and error over the years. Here are just a few things that you may not have already known about them.

1. Your body metabolizes edibles differently than inhaling

So this one is a bit of a precaution because many people trying edibles for the first time may think “this isn’t working, I’ll take another.” Having been guilty of this mistake myself, I want to encourage all of you to ask your OCS associate or local Cannabis store proprietor for their expert opinion. They have been trained to understand the product, dosage and can give you the tips you need to know to enjoy responsibly. On the flip side, effects from edibles can last longer so please ensure to plan your day or night accordingly.

I recommend trying a product like Jewels Cannabis Tarts for the first time.

“Clear your head, not your schedule with Jewels Cannabis Tarts. At 1 mg THC per tart and 10 tarts per pack, Jewels Cannabis Tarts are perfect for microdosing. With Jewels, you can incorporate cannabis into your routine and still be present for the little things. Jewels Cannabis Tarts are made with real fruit and are vegan and gluten-free.”

Start slow and listen to your body is the best advice when venturing into this world.

2. Edibles are a natural way to help with sleep problems.

I have spoken about this for years, but my sleep is awful and over the years I’ve gone back and forth to prescription drugs to just help me get more than 3 hours of sleep. Most recently I have been testing edibles as a natural alternative and have found that with the right dosage I am sleeping through the night and wake up feeling rejuvenated. Most times with sleeping pills it can affect your energy levels the next day but I’m learning that cannabis may be the better option (with less likelihood of dependance)

I would recommend those of you thinking about the same to try Wana Quick Midnight Berry Indica

“The fastest* sleep gummy on the market, Wana Quick Midnight Berry Indica uses a blend of cannabinoids including CBN, or cannabinol, the newest cannabinoid sweeping the nation, a high dose of CBD and a low dose of THC. Using specialized AI technology, Wana Quick Midnight Berry Indica is the first to feature custom indica blend of more than 30 terpenes, made especially for sleep.”

Remember that we are all different, and this is my opinion. You should always speak to a medical practitioner if you have doubts or are seeking medical advice.

3. Pain management doesn’t have to be dealt with the same old way

As someone that is actively back on the fitness bandwagon, my body isn’t always loving the morning runs or back to back spinning classes. I’m actually sitting today with a sore back from using my weighted vest and without jumping to a pain killer, I know that cannabis can be a natural pain relief option. From topical creams to beverages, there are a wide range of products that I have been testing and trying to learn what is best for me. On the edibles front, I personally enjoy Bhang® Chocolate after an afternoon run when I know that I can kick my feet up and relax post sweat sesh.

“Bhang® Chocolate is made for cannabis lovers who also happen to love chocolate. All Bhang® products start with premium cacao and the recipe of a master chocolatier. Unlike competitors, Bhang® always tastes like chocolate—not cannabis.”

While some of you may have know these things already, I know that when I was looking into trying edibles for the first time I could have used a post like this to point me in the right direction. If nothing else, I hope it has inspired you to think twice about the topic and maybe consider edibles as a natural alternative to conventional thinking.

If you are thinking about trying a new product or edibles for the first time, here are a few more suggestions that could be a fit.

CBG Gummy

Good morning, sunshine! Start your day with Wana Quick Rise & Shine Clementine 1:1 Sativa gummies. Bursting with sweet, juicy clementine flavour and infused with CBG, THC, and a proprietary sativa terpene blend, Rise & Shine Clementine gummies are your daily dose of good vibes. Made with a culinary innovation that may result in a quicker onset and offset of effects*, each gummy contains 5 mg of CBG and 5 mg of THC. 2 gummies per package. Vegan and gluten-free.

Pearls – Coming August 2022

Indiva’s versatile gummy Pearls by grön come in four unique flavours and cannabinoid profiles. Bursting with fruit flavours, sugar-coated gummy Pearls are available in a variety of ratios with CBD, CBG, CBN, & THC. They’re perfect to enjoy from home, at your weekend getaway, or while watching the sunset from your favorite patio with friends.

This post is not intended to be seen by persons under the legal consumption age or in countries with restrictions on advertising on cannabis products. Please remember to enjoy responsibly and never get high and drive.

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