Am I Becoming a Fashion Blogger?

Obviously I’m kidding – I would never lay claim to the world of fashion. One because I’m married to an actual professional in the industry who deserves that title, and two because lifestyle is my happy place for content with you all. That being said, I do know a beautiful piece or collection of clothing when I see it and this is a topic that requires a dedicated blog post as a love letter to forty years of iconic clothing.

I remember Beaver Canoe when I was a young man – and being that I’m about to celebrate 40 years of being infamously me in 2023- the recent anniversary struck a chord with me even more so. To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Canadian brand Beaver Canoe, Roots has revived the classic style of the iconic logo just in time for the outdoor summer season.

Founded in 1982 by legendary outdoorsman Omer Stringer, Beaver Canoe was inspired by life on the water and trails of Algonquin Park. Omer spent summers at his camp teaching kids, including the Roots founders, how to paddle. Beginning with finely crafted canoes, Beaver Canoe tells the story of exploring the Canadian landscape and getting lost in all the beauty it holds. 

Designed by Richard Male, Roots brings this unforgettable logo back for its 40th anniversary. A logo that has connected to so many people over the decades and feels like coming home – which let’s be honest, we all could use more of that feeling these days against the backdrop of the last few years.

The collection of sweatshirts, T-shirts, sweatpants and shorts was carefully created using sustainable fibres; 100% organic cotton and french terry, for a lighter relaxed fit. 

Here are just a few of the many items I need in my closet IMMEDIATETLY

Mens Beaver Canoe Relaxed Zip Polo SRP: $128 CAD

(Available in Forest Green, Egret, Oceana)

Mens Beaver Canoe Relaxed Hoodie SRP: $128 CAD

(Available in Egret, Oceana, Firecracker and Forest Green)

Mens Beaver Canoe Sweatshorts SRP: $68 CAD

(Available in Egret, Firecracker, Forest Green and Oceana)

It’s giving heritage throwback nostalgia realnesss. We also cannot forget to mention the SPECTACULAR direction that the social media has taken to celebrate this. I see you marketing and creative direction team – more of this please.

Available now online at and at Roots retail locations across Canada, I recommend you snatch yours up before they are all gone!

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Photos: Daniel Reyes Cocka and aforementioned participating brands

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