A Show Stopping Launch You Need to See

For those of you who have been following along with Julio and I over the years, you’ll know that we have loved attending events and bringing you along with us for them. I’m a social person and I LOVE experiencing new things – so when the world seemed to stop amid the pandemic and everything since and events stopped, I lost something I loved. With a sense of moving forward finally taking place, events and in person launches are back, and some would say better than ever. This one was nothing short of a show stopper and I simply HAD to tell you about it!

Now the funny part of it all is that I wasn’t there, but Julio was. And I am always going to support brand launches and people I believe in because the world is full of critics and haters. We need some space for celebration and positive recognition!

So, let’s talk about Tobermory Gin and it’s EPIC launch to coincide with its availability at the LCBO and in Canada.

“This artisanal gin is inspired by the Isle of Mull’s picturesque and wild coastlines. Botanicals, including scotch lovage, sugar kelp, lavender, and samphire, create an elegant gin. Expect further notes of orange, basil, and lemongrass. Perfectly balanced, this is an excellent base for your next gin-inspired cocktail.”

It may just be me, but it feels like we are well into the year of Gin, and I genuinely love that for us all. In my youth I didn’t comprehend the finesse and subtleties of gin. As I’ve aged and educated myself more about the process it takes to make a masterful fin such as Tobermory Gin, I can finally appreciate it properly.

The premise of this show stopping launch was one I personally hadn’t seen before – breaking attendees into groups with expert bartenders and allowing them to create their very own cocktail based upon specific parameters. Now we all know this topic is totaly up my alley, but I always enjoy hearing how Julio sees and experiences things.

Like he said in his post (don’t forget to like, comment, save and share people!)

@tobermorydistillery is officially in Canada y’all! And I had the unbelievable honour to participate in a celebratory competition to welcome the gin.

Four leading Ontario bartenders; Christina Veira (Co-Owner, @barmordecai ), Nishantha (Nish) Nepulongoda (INK Entertainment Group’s Master Mixologist, @sofiayorkville), Robin Wynne (GM/Bar Manager, @littlesisterto Food Bar), and Sandy de Almeida (Head Bartender, @thedrakehotel)-took part in a cocktail-making competition featuring the award-winning spirit.

Joining @sandydealmeida‘s team to help create, prep and expedite her cocktail to an event filled w/ guests who would be voting for their favourite cocktail whipped up that very evening with the themes and ingredients provided. I was completely out of my comfort zone so I let the professionals take lead – if someone needed things cut, filled or served I was your guy. Deciding on naming the cocktail the “Mory Breeze” with fellow teammates – it was the perfect drink for our CABANA POOL BAR category!

Sandy didn’t win the competition (she clearly should have) but honestly we had a fantastic team to help them along the way! I don’t think I’ve ever had so much freaking fun at an event.”

So inspired by the happenings and excitement I of course can’t wait to go out get my hands on a bottle of Tobermory Gin right away – for those cocktail lovers out there, don’t you worry, you can find all the cocktails created that night online by clicking here

Make sure to follow the brand on Instagram and tag me when you try your favourite cocktail recipe. I can’t wait to see which one you love and what you come up with!

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