Learning To Take Care of Myself

Is anyone else really on the #SelfCare bandwagon these days? I am spending more time in the kitchen cooking, I am trying to focus on being more physically active, and I am learning to do the little things that I like doing that I lost track of because “life was busy”. One of those things I am appreciating again, and my husband would laugh if he ever heard I admitted this, is taking care of my skin.

I remember being 20ish and it not being something that ever crossed my mind. I’d throw on whatever moisturizer was within arms reach in the washroom and head out the door to live the craziness that was my life at the time. As I have gotten older, I am now more conscious of the signs of aging and the effects that spending 9 hours in the sun lounging can have on my skin (and hair!). Not to be vain, but more so because I want to take care of myself as I get older. While I owe this appreciation to Julio, it’s important that I follow through – which I know is sometimes a character flaw of mine. So when I heard about the new AlumierMD Aqua Infusion Mask treatment I was hesitant that it would be a 42 step regiment that would take a stretch and 79 products to maintain. Thankfully, as always with this amazing brand, I was pleasantly surprised at not only the results, but the ease of maintenance.

So recently I took a trip to visit the AlumierMD team here in Toronto to try the experience for myself. You know us – we wouldn’t recommend you to try something if we didn’t absolutely love it first. Once settled (and I talked the poor Ellis’ ear off) she started by measuring the hydration level in my skin. I think it’s one of my favourite things about the #AlumierMD experience – the qualified experts that take care of you really know their products and want to really know your needs. 

I explained that lately the under eye area was looking “a little rough” to me and was showing my age a bit more than it used to. Ellis spoke to me about the myths and truths of hydration when it comes to the skin, and I was shocked to see a reading of 27% hydration in the area. Yikes

After what felt like the most relaxing 45 minutes I have had to myself in a very long time (and re-application of the hydrating product under my eyes because it soaked it up like a sponge) we re-measured the hydration level. The area was a 92% hydration level. That’s INCREDIBLE to me to see real results that drastic and really helped me to appreciate the product and experience. 

Now of course, a treatment will always work wonders, but it’s about the maintenance. As mentioned above, I can admit that I have the tendency to be lazy when it comes to my skincare. Thankfully I was provided with the chance to use the Lotus Scrub (once a week) and have been using the Moisture Matte Broad Spectrum Sunscreen (SPF 40 in Sand) over the last few days. I think what a lot of us don’t think about is that as golden as the sun may make us in the summer, it also can do a lot of damage. Protection and products that hydrate are key and I now know first hand that AlumierMD can do that for me. I’m sold! 

I should mention that our love of AlumierMD runs deep. Catherine was introduced to a whole new line of their products during our visit to North Medical Spa. While I got my BOTOX treatments, she opted for a facial which left her skin feeling better than it had in YEARS. After which, the staff informed her of the line of AlumierMD products that she could use for maintenance and she swears by her new beauty regiment. 

Basically what I am trying to say to you is that Catherine and I are huge fans of the brand and their ability to make real results happen. While we have respective needs and goals for our skin, the unifying factor is the professional way in which the AlumierMD products and treatments are tailored to us. Now I want you to go back on our photos to see how much better we look – I dare you! 

To help inspire your skin routine and a small change in product to make a big difference in hydration, I encourage you to click on the AlumierMD website to find out where you can book your Aqua Infusion Mask treatment and of course don’t forget to purchase some of their amazing products from the entire collection we are working towards trying out with you all right here on DoTheDaniel.com! 

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