Anything Is Possible

Sitting down on a chilly winter evening, with dinner cooking away, I find myself smiling for no reason in particular. It seems strange to acknowledge it, but I feel as though happiness should be encouraged and shared much more than it is these days.

Sensational tabloid topics, click bait articles, drama, negativity, celebrity deaths… there is so much on the internet that can wear away at you. There have been a series of small changes in my life over the last twelve(ish) months that I have made that have helped me realize that anything in life is possible. Today I wanted to share them with you in hopes I can help show you why I believe this now more than ever.

So what are my five changes that I made that have me smiling you ask? They are by no means revolutionary and I’m sure at some point or another you’ve experienced or sought one or two yourself. But in conjunction with one another, I have found a whole new me.

  1. Consistency
  2. Sleep
  3. Meditation
  4. Hydration
  5. Therapy

While you may scoff at my simple list, I can with certainty encourage you to try it for yourself and see a difference in your own perspective. Who know. You too might even find yourself smiling for no reason a little more often too.


It seems like such a simple concept, but surprisingly one that I couldn’t grasp for a very long time. It’s setting the first weekend of the month to take myself for a facial and making sure I don’t deter from that. Because I have earned it. The same can be said about ensuring that I am using the right products on my face consistently at home. Now that I have discovered what can only be described as significant change in my appearance and confidence with AlumierMD, I have found renewed balance in my skincare routine.

If I had to recommend just a few from my new beauty regiment, it would include the NECK AND DÉCOLLETÉ FIRMING CREAM, ULTIMATE BOOST SERUM (my secret weapon in the colder months when my skin is extra dry) and LOTUS SCRUB. My consistent routine of cleansing and moisturizing has truly improved the way I look and feel.


I’m going to be honest about this – as I have for years – I am not a good sleeper. I wish I was one of those people who could lay my head down and just pass out. I am SO envious of those people. Whether it’s the destinations Do The Daniel took me, or just my bed at home, it takes a lot for me to get the rest my body needs. The reason I am talking about it is because natural oils and sleep aids might also help you if you’re like me. You might have heard of chamomile, lavender oil, or CBD oils and these can certainly help relax you in preparation for sleep. CBD seems to be the one everyone’s using the most these days and there are plenty of stores like Vibes CBD selling it if you’re looking to try it out (

As I’ve gotten older, and educated myself on the topic more, I’ve realized it’s not just a grumpy attitude that my lack of sleep can lead to. It’s also health issues later in life. And being that I want to make sure I live a long and prosperous life in my next chapter, and every chapter to come, it was important for me to take the steps I need to sleep properly.

I will (begrudgingly) admit that I do sometimes go to bed much later than I should. And that especially in my thirties, going to bed at the same time is something that drastically helped reset my inner schedule. I wake up now earlier and feel rested, rejuvenated, and even relaxed.


I’m going to be honest. This one for a long time was really personal – and I am so happy that I can now publicly acknowledge it without being mocked. I feel as though over the last few years, the world in all its crazy chaos has really made us understand the necessity of seeking quiet and balance. Maybe that’s just me, but I know that my meditation at Hoame here in Toronto or even using a guided meditation at the end of the day on my phone really helps to make me feel re-centered.

While a lot of you may have already tried meditation already, it may be an activity or practice that has fallen to the wayside in your day-to-day. I cannot encourage you more to pick it back up. It’s a fun thing to do with the girls on the weekend if you aren’t comfortable going or trying solo. And it can even be a really great date night!


I know what you’re thinking – really Daniel? And the answer is yes. Talking about water is something that not nearly enough of us are doing and we are SEVERELY in need of more of it. I have always tried to carry around a reusable water bottle or find water brands that I am comfortable ingesting and fueling myself with. I’ll be deep-diving into one right here soon enough so stay tuned.

What I would challenge you to do in your day to day is set a timer or alarm on your phone, desktop or smartwatch. Every two to three hours get up to go drink a big glass of water. While the first few days your body will adjust and you might find yourself needing to pee a little more than usual, once you adapt you will notice a HUGE change in your appetite, energy, skin and yes even sleeping patterns. See what’s happening here? Everything is coming together now…


This one I still sometimes feel uncomfortable talking about. While I am a huge advocate for creating a dialogue around mental health and underestimating the topic, there is still a very real stigma. I swear by my therapists, mental health practitioners and medical professionals over the years. To this day I seek their help in trying to sort through the big and the small of my personal life.

While the concept of therapy can seem daunting, all I can say to those of you who aren’t sure if it is the right thing for you is this. Imagine telling a complete stranger something you need to get off your chest or something that is hard for you to cope with. And in return they offer no judgement, no condemnation and no validation. They listen and help to offer perhaps a different perspective. Is it always comfortable to experience? Absolutely not. But some of the hardest work I have ever done is on myself in a therapy session and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

This list is of course based on my personal experience. Others might swap in food consumption or workouts instead of one of my topics, but these are the five things that have worked to help transform who I am inside and out. And as I write the final words of this post, I’m smiling again. So I must be doing something right.

I do hope that you try to remember that the path to being happy and changing things about yourself isn’t always a huge magical moment of epiphany. It is one day at a time. One choice at a time. One new habit at a time. So give yourself a chance.

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