A Truly Canadian Christmas

For those of you who follow along on our #DoTheDaniel adventures on our Instagram stories (and if you don’t – what are you waiting for?! We have loads of fun over there!) you’ll have seen that I was recently invited to Canadian Tire’s Christmas House party. With seven rooms devoted to seven CANVAS colours: red, gold, silver, blue, white, brights and serene rose (my personal favourite) it was like stepping inside Christmas itself. With garlands and tinsel and sparkles (oh my!) I was lucky enough to view their entire Holiday line-up. I was able to get ideas for my wishlist to Santa started nice and early, but I also came to realize that Canadian Tire is incredibly versatile when it comes to helping us create beautiful memories for the holidays and beautiful spaces in our homes. Above and beyond the ribbon and wrapping, there were several furniture items I now need to see if Santa can fit in his sleigh for me!

With the Holidays fast approaching, it’s easy to get caught up in all the planning and forget about what’s most important. With so many work and family commitments, gift giving, decorating, travel arrangements (not to mention all the cooking and baking!) it’s easy to let the season pass in a whirlwind of organisation and commuting. It sadly happens to the best of us.

For the past few years, I have been at the mercy of my #DoTheDaniel schedule and the ample shopping scenarios available to me. I can shop online, I can commute to different stores in my city, I can explore new places when I visit family in Ottawa or travel the world with those I love most; I’m spoiled for choice. And while the benefits of selection are one of the perks of 21st Century living, it would make things a lot simpler if could turn to one place for shopping, and in turn have more time to spend with the ones I love. Because, let’s face it, the holidays are a lot of prep work and a fair bit of expense, and any way that we can cut back on the nitty gritty and spend more time with eggnog and loved ones is ideal (extra rum for me please!)

So this year I have a plan. And it’s a good one. I’m going to spend less time in traffic, less time writing lists, less time comparison shopping, and spend more time entertaining and cooking for the people in my life. I’m going to get presents and decorations in one place and put my focus where it should be: on them, on our traditions and on making great memories together. I don’t want to be standing in line at yet another store, be stuck in one more lane of traffic, be getting on one subway too many when I could be celebrating the most wonderful time of the year. Wouldn’t you agree?

To set me up with all things seasonal, I’m looking for one place to remove all the unnecessary busywork. A place synonymous with quality that I can rely on to provide all the items I need without the hassle. And after an incredible event, I know exactly who to turn to: I’m trusting the holidays to Canadian Tire. With a trusted name in Canadian retail, years of experience, multiple locations and a wide variety of items; I can do almost all of my shopping under one roof, with a company I already trust, that is quintessentially Canadian. Did I mention that the products are amazing?


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Dreaming of a white Christmas? Combine the CANVAS Nordic-inspired fur stockings, snowflake tree ornaments and frosted wreaths to achieve a wonderfully wintry look. #MyCANVASStyle

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So let’s start with my favourite room from the event, Canadian Tire’s colour of the season: Serene Rose. Inspired by sunrise skies over the prairies, this unique shade was created for CANVAS Canadian Tire and features such covet-worthy items as the canvas 24″ cone tree, glass candle holder with tray, rose stainless steel lantern and feather wreath.The line also includes a CANVAS design series by artist Meghann Rader adding an extra element of independent design, something else that is close to my heart. That’s right, every colour celebrated at the event also has a speciality line from local designers. Meghann’s designs had a tree skirt, pillow, stocking and bag that featured woodland items in Serene Rose!

A beautiful shade that’s a cross between dusty rose and millennial pink, I left wanting the entire range. Who says you can’t have a pink Christmas? 

Next up was the festive Red room. The colour is inspired by the classics and works beautifully with both silver and gold. A cross between winter Canadiana of tartan and flannel, and classic cranberry, it’s a colour that goes with anything and everything. The room was strung with red canvas skate garlands(!) red wooden and felt ornaments that featured cups of hot chocolate, santa’s belly and a snowmobile. It was truly a sight to behold. The canvas design series for Red featured eight pieces from designer Michelle SaintOnge. An assortment of canvas pillows, ornaments, mugs and plates and more, the line was filled with woodland animals including cardinals and deers.

It was whimsical without being dated, and would make a perfect gift for any demographic.

Third in line was the pure elegance of the White room. A crisp colour that adds sophistication to the season, the alpine-inspired shade made for a winter wonderland experience and felt elegant as well as seasonal. White wooden nutcrackers, a snow owl ornament, fur cone trees, and assorted decorative birds (I was especially fond of the penguins!) the room evoked a halo of midday sun like the one you find skiing. It was all very luxe. A white canvas deer head, feather wreath and metal lantern, it was the largest and most versatile collection of the bunch. I am still thinking about that deer hanging! Who says its just for Christmas?

Shine on to the Gold room, where the shade at hand was both rustic and elegant. With notes of rich copper, bronze and pale champagne, the personalised shade felt warm and inviting. I do not normally associate gold with being a comforting colour, it tends to evoke a more cool idea in my mind, but this shade of gold was both cozy and chic. With items like a glitter wreath, assorted drop ornaments, glass terrariums and the geometric pentagon cube (would be great for plants and ornaments alike!), the room was completed with antler garlands. A great mix between Canada design and traditional decor!

The Silver room was up next and featured heathered shades of grey and pewter, platinum and graphite. A variety of antler designs (ornaments, wall hangings) continued with the theme, and interesting design options included a geometric tree and glass lantern. I was especially fond of the silver wreath as it seemed a more timeless option for the season. Who says I can’t have a wreath all winter long when it looks like this?

Lastly (and sadly!) was the Blue room. With inky midnight hues and notes of sapphire and cobalt, it was the most soothing colour to round out my visit. Wintry florals and designs of elegant birds, the shade goes with everything from white to gold to silver and adds a fun unique punch for the holidays. Whether it be the geometric reindeer statue, feathered wreath and hoop ornaments, the blue room was without a doubt the coolest. I loved the mix of angular ornaments combined with tartan stockings. Between this room and Serene Rose, I don’t think I could pick a favourite, so I will just have to go with both!

With all of the options on display at Canadian Tire  whatever your design and decor ideas may be, you will have no shortage of festive expression to choose from! Canadian Tire sells everything from Christmas trees to decorations, from classic styles to avant garde design. A place where you can efficiently get everything you need under one roof, and leave more time open for enjoying the season properly. There is a real theme throughout featuring antlers, and I see it becoming a hot trend for the new year, don’t you? I know where I will be doing my shopping, and look forward to seeing you there! 

I’ve already clicked on the Canadian Tire website for all things holiday. I encourage you to find your ideal colour and remember to join in on the social media conversation when you do. Follow @CanadianTire on Instagram and Twitter and by ‘Liking’ Their Facebook Page.  We can’t wait to see your holiday photos with your Canadian Tire purchases and memories all season long. 

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Daniel Reyes

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