Dealing with rejection

So. You’ve decided it’s time to move. You’ve met with your Engel & Vo?lkers team and you’re ready to hunt. You might of even decided to look into fantastic new homes similar to what can be found at Cedar creek. You come up with your wish list and budget. You go see a few properties. As your search continues, you begin to get flexible with the must-haves on your wish list. You finally fall in love with a home. You put in an offer; it looks like you’re about to buy your next house. You get so excited. THIS IS HAPPENING.

And then you find out you lost the property to someone else. Damn it… Now what?

You’ll remember that we’ve been hunting for a new home to grow our family in Toronto. No easy task when you try to do it on your own! Back in June, Julio and I started working with the team at Engel & Vo?lkers. We chose them because they know the local neighbourhoods inside and out, completely understand what we are looking for, and presented us with precisely the right types of properties based on our personalized needs – in an efficient manner that fits in with our crazy schedules. Our advisor, Shawn Blander, and the team at Engel & Völkers Toronto Uptown, also simply give us good vibes and are amazing partners in this journey. Plus, through their virtual reality home tours, we are able to preview a number of properties, leaving no space left unseen to help us narrow down our search and save us time during the house hunt! My friend suggested that it might be useful to consider taking inspiration from new homes in Georgia similar to the ones you could see at the Landmark 24 Realty official website so we have a better idea of what we want out of our new home. Apparently, comparing markets in this way can help adjust expectations going forward.

Being that this isn’t my first home (I moved out when I was 18), I’m quite used to the back and forth. But poor Julio never experienced the ups and downs of house hunting. Lucky for him, our current condo fell into my lap and I snatched it up before someone else could. So when he set his heart on the home he loved, losing it to someone else in the competitive market was upsetting. I had to remind him that just like with anything else in life, everything happens for a reason. Thankfully Shawn and the Engel & Vo?lkers team have been able to curate more options for us to see in the coming weeks. Though I had my heart set on moving in the summer, I would rather find the perfect home with experts in the field.

While I do know a little bit about the world of house hunting from my experience, I don’t claim to be an expert. That is where the expertise of Engel & Vo?lkers comes in. Shawn reassured us that this one may have slipped through our fingers, but he is even more motivated to find us a home to call our own.

For those of you also looking for a new home in Canada, I encourage you to check out the Engel & Vo?lkers website today. For our readers outside of Canada, Engel & Vo?lkers has a global network that spans more than 30 countries. And of course, don’t forget to follow along in the excitement of finding a new home with us by following @EVAmericas on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You may just see a few familiar faces taking over their Instagram account in the coming weeks. Hint hint! We cannot wait to share our experience with you all and show Canadians from coast-to-coast that home hunting doesn’t have to be scary anymore when you work with experts in the industry.

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