You Can Do Anything You Put Your Mind To

My Dad used to always tell me that I could do anything I put my mind to. Be it moving to Toronto to chase my career goals, or going full time for the blog, he was always my biggest fan. He was the biggest hopeless romantic and I like to think in a lot of ways I am like him.

Traditions have become such an important part of my life as I’ve gotten older. Looking back on memories of my Dad, one that always comes to mind is him picking up his LOTTO MAX ticket every week. He would play one ticket with my Mom and another with his coworkers. As I grew up, I took on the tradition and still to this day buy my lottery tickets every week. There’s something in the beauty of it and how it feels like I’m continuing something now in Dad’s name. Who knows? Maybe that possible $70 Million jackpot is meant for me and my family! I know it’s a long shot and I probably have more of a chance at winning some cash if I go onto some new online casinos and gamble my way through. Still, it’s more the feeling attached to it than the prospect of winning that gets me to buy the ticket. And we might just get lucky someday! Starting May 14, Ontarians will have the chance to win the highest single jackpot in Canadian history with LOTTO MAX – and the opportunity to now play on Tuesdays in addition to Fridays.

To celebrate this awesome addition to your Tuesday routine and traditions, LOTTO MAX has partnered with Toronto Food Icon and big dreamer Matt “Fidel Gastro” Basile – he is going to be taking #TacoTuesday to the max right here in the city of Toronto and you’re not going to want to miss this pop-up.

I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak of the Taco Truck today – and to get you excited, I will also be giving one lucky winner the chance to WIN a $100 OLG Giftcard so that you can start to dream big with us and join in on a special tradition that I hold dear to my heart. Click below to enter now and read all the ways you can enter another amazing #DoTheDaniel #Contest! Click below to enter via Instagram and check ALL our social media channels for even more ways to enter!

Pictured above is the vegetarian taco made with cauliflower which was awesome. Not pictured is the steak option which comes with a gruyère cheese sauce because I ate it too fast. It was just that yummy!

What would I do with a $70,000,000 you ask? Well there would be a lot of Tacos involved for sure. Being that I love Mexico so much, I would probably want to buy a property there that we could visit when we needed an escape from the big city. I would pay off the debts and mortgages of my close friends and family, and I would buy a home where we could work towards having a baby a little bit earlier than expected. I might already have a dream home envisioned in my mind, and to be honest, I would want it to look exactly like that, if not better! However, from the experiences of my near and dear ones, I have understood that a lot depends on not only the home, but also how it is portrayed by the real estate photographer. I hope I am not disappointed when I start my search for a house! Well, that is my dream – but I would love to know yours!

Make sure if you are visiting or in Toronto tomorrow May 14th that you head to RBC Plaza (SW corner of Bay St & Wellington St) from 11:00 AM – 2:30 PM on, where you will get one FREE MAXed-out taco and a $5 OLG gift card. Sounds like a pretty amazing way to celebrate #TacoTuesday and #DreamToTheMax to me!

When I asked Matt who will be on site tomorrow helping to feed your belly and your dreams what he would do with a jackpot of $70,000,000 he said a similar answer to mine. Being that we are both workaholics, we know that we would continue to do what we love but just with a little less stress of course. He would want to continue to cook on a beach (he owns) in Italy near the area that his family is from. That sounds pretty perfect to me too now that I think about it. Maybe we should play the Tuesday draw together Matt and make it happen together!

SO, if you are excited about the new Tuesday tradition with LOTTO MAX like I am, make sure to enter our contest above and head down to the food truck for all the excitement. I can’t wait to see you there – make sure to come find me so we can take a photo together.

To join in on the social media conversation make sure to follow @LottoMax & @OntarioLottery while using the #TacoTuesday and #DreamToTheMax hashtags. Show us what your taco looks like, those beautiful smiles, and what YOU would do with a possible $70 MILLION dollar jackpot. I can’t wait to share in the excitement with you all!

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Photos: All social media accounts listed above, LOTTO MAX, Ontario Lottery & Daniel Reyes

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Daniel Reyes

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