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I’m sitting here giggling to myself as I write this blog post, because I am NOT a mommy. Recently was invited to an informative breakfast by The Egg Farmers of Canada here in Toronto. As my resident mommy expert, Amanda was unfortunately not able to join so I decided to attend in her place. Sitting around a table at Colette Grand Café as the only man, I quickly learnt that a little #MommyKnowHow goes a long way. We enjoyed a delicious meal and an engaging conversation about the myths surrounding feeding eggs to our babies. Come and see the facts about eggs, babies and what it means in an age of ever increasing allergies for our little ones. 

Led by Erica Ehm, Founder of the Yummy Mummy Club and Toronto-based pediatrician, Dr. Dina Kulik, I was surprised to learn so much in just a few short hours! It’s easy as a parent to get overwhelmed by the do’s and don’t do’s for your children. Though Julio & I don’t have children of our own yet, with Lyric and now our new niece Rebecca in our lives, I found the information important to share both professionally and personally.

“The newest infant feeding guidelines from Health Canada, the Canadian Pediatric Society, Dietitians of Canada and the Breastfeeding Committee for Canada now recommend introducing whole eggs starting at six months of age, or as soon as your child starts eating solids.”

As we went around the table to talk about our experiences, I was reminded of my parents raising me. Not only were they both incredibly young when I was born, but the 1980’s didn’t have the same tools readily available for them to turn to. When I called my mom after breakfast to ask her when she fed me eggs as a baby, she actually said it was around the six month mark. Yet again, a little #MommyKnowHow and trusting her instincts helped me to not develop an allergy to eggs. What a trend setter!

“The new guidance on eggs is a departure from past recommendations. Until recently, parents were advised to delay feeding egg whites until their baby was twelve months; however, experts no longer recommend delaying the introduction of any common allergens. In fact, there is now evidence that the early introduction of foods such as egg whites can help prevent an allergy.”

I would never claim to be a medical expert, and thanks to The Egg Farmers of Canada, there is a solution for those of you who are lost in a sea of contradicting information about your little ones. Click here to read their recent blog post in conjunction with Valerie Johnson, MHSc, RD. PLEASE REMEMBER it is best to talk to your doctor if you have any family history of or concerns related to food allergies.


And if you need a little bit of guidance, some recipe ideas and other reasons why it is so important to eat eggs make sure to visit for all the tools that can help to guide you. A little “Mommy Know How” can go a long way to help us all realize that sometimes it’s best to educate ourselves and trust our instincts. Even for us Dads and Dads to be!

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Photos: The Egg Farmers of Canada & Daniel Desforges


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