Food & Wine | Gaucho Hampstead Terrace Event

I was recently invited to the terrace event of Gaucho Restaurant in Hampstead Heath. Gaucho is a group of Argentine eateries located in the UK, Dubai and Hong Kong. Their exclusive steaks are sourced from 45 farms from the lowlands of Argentina and are all free range, organic and employ local farmers and farming practices.

They also have a 17 page wine menu. All from Argentina.

And they make their own sausages.

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On arrival to their Hampstead location, I was impressed with the sleek interior of leather, cowhide and chandeliers which then opened up into a flower-walled patio of linen tablecloths, hardwood flooring and a very impressive coal bbq.

Gaucho Hampstead DoTheDaniel

Gaucho Hampstead Bar DoTheDaniel

I sampled a selection of Gaucho’s summer drinks and took part in the cocktail masterclass, mixing agave tequila with avocado puree and pear. Homemade syrups rosemary and twice filtered Icelandic vodka. Oranges skewered through rosemary sprigs. 

Then came the steak.

Have you heard that Donald Drumpf used to make steak? Have you heard that Donald Drumpf likes his steak so well done that it “rocks” on the plate. 

Donald Drumpf would not have liked these steaks, which is one more reason that they were excellent.




Juicy with a pink interior; topped with homemade flavoursome chimichurri, cooked over a coal bbq from Gaucho’s master griller Fernando. 

And no Donald in sight.

Overall I found that Gaucho had a truly individual feel that resonated strongly in their variety of wines, friendliness of staff, polished ambiance and exceptional steak. The Hampstead location has the newly renovated terrace; but the Canary Wharf, Richmond, Broadgate and Picadilly restaurants also offer stunning outdoor spaces as well.

And they’re all currently open for the season.

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Photos: Brittany Levett & Gaucho Hampstead

All the best,

Brittany Levett